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Keto Butter Chicken | Low Carb Indian Recipe

Keto Butter Chicken | Low Carb Indian Recipe
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Keto Butter Chicken | Low Carb Indian Recipe
Keto Butter Chicken | Low Carb Indian Recipe

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  1. This recipe was such a great surprise! It is SO good and creamy that I cleaned the bowl with my finger after the chicken was gone. Yum. E.

  2. I just cooked this and it was delicious !!!! My entire family tore it up

  3. I love this recipe! I tried it out today with the naan 👌🏽

  4. I made this last night because I was craving more "home cooked" style meals for Keto (getting tired of the "basic" keto dishes).

    Megha…This. Was. DELICIOUS!!!!!! I eyeballed the spices and threw them in a bowl which was super easy cause I don't have time to measure! I omitted tomato paste and added annatto powder (0 carbs) to give it that orange color. I must have screwed my macros over because I kept "taste testing" it when it was absolutely perfect.

    This is part of my rotation now. Please make more home style meals and Indian recipes!!!

  5. Mohit Kulkarni

    She is indian but her Father is Jhon Marlo…..😊😊😊😊😊

  6. Bina's Kitchenette

    Yummy ❤️

  7. My local Indian restaurant adds pureed soares cashews and other nuts, to trickene up the sauce. Can I do that too in this?

  8. supriya sharma

    Hi Megha! Can we use nutrela chunks or soya chunks in keto diet… actually I am a vegetarian, so was just wondering,😊

  9. Angela Pritchett

    Oh my gosh! Made this yesterday and I'm in love! It's amazing! I also used your keto tortilla recipe, put the batter into a greased 8*8 pan and baked it. I cut it into 12 pieces. I only used chili seasoning in it. It was amazing to go with the butter chicken and riced cauliflower. (Originally tried the tortilla recipe before and found out my frying pan sticks something fierce, probably why I had it hidden lol. I baked the rest. Comes out super fluffy and has the consistency of slightly chewy corn bread.)

  10. Jennifer Nelson

    Your intro is hilarious. I did not catch it the first time.

  11. wow you're so beautiful

  12. Awesome butter chicken

  13. I am Pakistani butter chicken v. Common in Pakistan .
    Plz tell me how much calories fat and protein butter chicken.
    I started keto diet 3 weeks ago but my weight same why my weight not lossing.?

  14. M! You just made my husband say ‘ you stole my heart with this Keto thing’ as he was eating this recipe! This one is here to stay for surrrreeeeee 😍💯

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