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Intense Arm Workout at Gym: Female Fitness Model Michelle Lewin

This is a great workout in the gym for your arms, back, chest, shoulders, and even core. She’s doing push-ups, dumbbell row, bicep curls, one arm db rows, cable back rows, triceps pressdown, and more. Do 3 sets of each exercise for 10-15 reps. Rest 1-2 minutes between each set.

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  1. There's a mcdonalds commercial before this video

  2. Finally, a woman who knows how to work out! Love it!

  3. Come to cleveland and visit titans gym we get it in here as well!

  4. Wow she's hot

  5. Yesss love her damn body

  6. on the push-ups ,,, you extend your leg on the way down, alternating yhem, does that work your glute as well?

  7. MultiSexterminator

    Very hot! Brunettes are fitness queens!

  8. perfect body

  9. More arm videos please!!!!!!! We get the squats now!

  10. My inspiration.. And she is Venezuelan as well!!! ;)) Besos desde Amsterdam!!

  11. beautiful totalllllllllll

  12. Love your body!!

  13. Really nice form. Oh and top glutes 🙂

  14. females who take pride in their Physiques *love struck*

  15. Lol I just saw that you have already included that information thanks

  16. Great job! Amazing body! Love it! Thank for sharing.

  17. How many lbs is she lifting?? And also, can u do a cardio workout at home plz?

  18. Oh my glob

  19. Woooow 😉 great job girl

  20. IISwaggaliciousII


  21. Omg!!! I can't even say what I'm thinking right now!!!!!

  22. womensworkoutchannel

    1-2hrs a day 5-6x a week.

  23. EroSennin Jiraiya

    my question is how many hours a week does she put into the gym to get a body like that?

  24. Sexy

  25. Beautiful! 🙂

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