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How To Warm Up Before Exercise – Weight Loss – Fitness – Hormone Friendly Fitness™

http://www.jilltrains.com – Jill Rodriguez, Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist for women, author or Slim Down To Zip Up, and Personal Trainer for www.Mercola.com, performs a Total Body Warm Up you may use at home, at the gym, or outside for an injury free workout.

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  1. Amazing! You look great!

  2. Thank you Jill…   actually a very good warm up.  Sorry, I like videos without much talk.  Thank you!!

  3. I've started a short routine with squat thrusts (with a standing motion), sit ups and press ups.  But I'm getting some pain in my lower back muscles.  Is that because I'm not warming up, or is it more likely that I'm just not used to the exercises, or both?

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  16. allabout fashion

    just done this exercise warm up thank you very good

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  19. She doesn't talk too much, she's giving you information, stop criticising.
    I thought it was a great and helpful video, thanks Jill 🙂

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  23. Nice choice of music !

  24. love all the kettle bells in a row on the window ledge behind her lol

  25. i skip the push up part

  26. 1:43 warm up part

  27. Robert Swanson

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