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How-to Steam (Chicken and Broccoli) Recipe – Clean and Delicious Eating

Steaming your food is quick, simple, and super nutritious! Watch the secret to maintaing flavor while keeping things clean in your kitchen.

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  1. Oh.. I like this. Instead of boiling the chicken in hot water steaming is a perfect alternative. But will the chicken lose all extra bad fat with this method? Will it drain away?

  2. Watching it in 2018

  3. Thanks for uploading this. I'm recently been getting into cooking my own stuff now. Looking forward to purchasing a steamer next week.

  4. "See what I'm saying?"
    We all see it Dani..

  5. This video is 9 years old. .and it just came on my recommended list. In glad it did.

  6. Thank you 🙂

  7. You should improve the audio quality

  8. Thanks. Great video. What’s the name of the green vegetable please?

  9. dayyuuuuum 2008 Dani

  10. I don't agree with all seasoning done after steaming. could have seasoned everything at same time so rice absorbs the drippings and spices…

  11. bone less chicken

  12. Hi, how long does this meal stay good frozen? thank you

  13. Going to try this for tonight's dinner.

  14. Yum. Gonna do this tomorrow.

  15. Hi Dani,
    I know this is an older video but I would love to see a seasoning steamed foods video with 3 or 4 options like you've done with salads and sandwiches p p p please!

  16. This chick is stacked bruh

  17. Eddie Forosisky

    Best ways to do any meats and veggies are through steaming and grill. Lost about 70 pounds doing it and getting rid of junk marinades and extras not necessary along with carbs, beat heart issues, high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. Now joining the USAF!

  18. This is very nutritional for the people who don't like fry food

  19. thanks for uploading this video

  20. Michael St. George

    Wish more cooking videos where as nicely done as this one. Just said what we needed to know and nothing more. Good job! Good enough for me to subscribe

  21. have actually drank the steaming liquid for a delicious warm drink.

  22. here's a question. Should you collect the steaming water as its a combination of Chicken and Veg flavor.I am sure you can use it for something.


  24. I'm the world's worst cook so I suppose it's not hard to believe that today I steamed chicken for the first time. It never occurred to me that it would taste so good but it was delicious. I made it with broccoli and carrots. I think this is going to be my go-to style of cooking from now, not only because it's fast and easy, but it's also just so healthy. I loved your video. It was easy to follow and it gave me some more ideas about how to make the food even tastier! Signed, A Former Eating Out Queen

  25. This is such an awesome video!!! I tried this dish and it was a hit with my folks! Thank you Dani!!!

  26. Great upload .

  27. This is some next level healthy shit !

  28. I'm new to this eating steam veggies, but you have seriously given me ideas to eat them more often! Thank you! 😊

  29. good one…..trying this now.

  30. "And I'll add a few sesame seeds"

    adds 400 sesame seeds

    Good video 🙂

  31. I have one of the electric steamer units, and I usually put two of the chicken breasts in the bottom tray for around 17-20 minutes. Does cutting it up reduce the cooking time that drastically, or is there just a big difference in using the pot & steamer instead of an electric plug-in steamer?
    Also, the steamer comes with two separate trays, do you think I could just put the broccoli in the upper tray for the last 5 minutes or so?

    I'm a terrible cook and I'm just unsure how big a difference it is using a pot and steamer like your video, versus one of the plug in steamer units like I have. Thanks for your time.

  32. nice video and love the energy

  33. perfect. Needs some ginger though! I keep my ginger in the freezer, and grate as needed, it's awesome

  34. ironfistscientist

    i see what you're sayin

  35. 💗💗💗💗.it's really healthy…!! I going to try this… 😚..

  36. I love how you get to the point !!! Thanks I will try this next time !!

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