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Learn how to start a healthy lifestyle & to see how I stay fitI!! I love you guys so so much and hope you enjoyed my how to start a healthy lifestyle video!♡
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  1. Jennifer madrigal

    love it a lot

  2. seeing this mel after the last video feels sad 4 her

  3. I use the loose it app and do workout videos and it helped me SO MUCH! Would definitely recommend

  4. She says u need motivation, she is motivation

  5. living for her makeup in this vid

  6. watching whilst eating my Halloween candy

  7. What time do you go to bed??

  8. your eyes are stunning tbh 😍

  9. Im watching this eating pizza….

  10. cece & kiki vlog

    Love it

  11. you should do an updated one of these videos!

  12. whats the best day to have a cheat day

  13. Breslavia Muzyka

    Good noooo

  14. Need more fitness from you b you're fav

  15. This is so helpful Mel thank you♡ I'm going to start doing everything you said… eating healthier, drink more water, timing for bed and waking up, filling ur life with feed and drinking more water and all that good stuff 😊

  16. as she says drink more water picks up half drinken gallon and takes a sip casually lol

  17. Recipe videos please!

  18. 100% everyone is watching this like "starting tomorrow" 🙄

  19. New subscribers Welcomed!
    Freedom Bell247 🙂


  20. This was such a helpful video, thanks mel! 😩💜

  21. I'm on my own mission to coach people to healthier lifestyles, I love what your doing here please me on Instagram @nft2017 I would love to collab

  22. Can I have your Led Zeppelin shirt??😻

  23. So I have a question, I'm like pretty small but I'm literally the weakest person ever. I can't lift stuff at work, it's tiring to walk up and down the stairs, it's just so hard to even do a "beginner" workout because I'm so weak! What should I do? Where do I start? 💕🌸

  24. Savannah Michelle

    I watched this video when I was 11 and I was like "I wanna eat healthy and be like Mel" However I have no motivation. I'm now 12 and and have high cholesterol. 🙁

  25. Mel's got her life together!😂

  26. Is it good to start this at the age of 14? (Working out) People are just often telling me "don't do that you're young you have nothing to worry about" but I just want to change around my lifestyle and be happier and healthier.

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