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How to make the best healthy lunch in NYC | Karlie Kloss

If you’re looking for the best healthy, fresh, nourishing lunch in NYC, Two Hands in Tribeca is it! Everything on their menu is delish… but this brassicas bowl is everything you want from a lunch & more.

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Frankie’s Apple Cider Vinaigrette = 3:2:1 ratio of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and dijon!

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  1. I DON'T LIKE THIS VIDEO BECAUSE…you rudely say "enough of the talking"………..then has her explain what something is…………………..sorry Karlie but you're a bit too smug for me….and YOU talk too much not them……………………………………………

  2. Dida offers healthy breakfast.

  3. What's the Frequency

    All those hands in the salad made me lose my appetite

  4. Very easy to make at home, good tip on throwing the chili on the hummus btw. Probably very overpriced at this restaurant.

  5. Is this freak obsession with hygeine just a white people thing? Especially, since it is completely hygenic? She surely washes her hands before cooking and her kitchen must be clean too.
    All over the world, people knead dough and handle food with bare hands. I am from India, so we even eat all our food with our hands! Trust me, the experience is so much better. Food has been cooked and eaten this way for ages before you fussy people came around.

  6. That looks amazing

  7. I try to go there as often as I can whenever I visit New York, I really recommend it! Although the portions seem small, it's actually enough to make you feel fulfilled. I tried making this at home, but it took me really long to make it just as I used to have it at Two Hands. Now I make a more simple meal, but it's still awesome! X

  8. i would eat that whole plate in one bite

  9. Looks great and probably tastes amazing!

  10. massive respect Bravo

  11. Does that lady use gloves

  12. Just curious… read your "about me"and you listed yourself as "an American supermodel". What's the difference between a "supermodel" and a "model"?

  13. this makes me hungry, I like food

  14. Kim Carole Ramirez

    You're such an inspiration 💓

  15. 😉👍👍 Nice vlog, Kloss!!

  16. Eggs are so unhealthy government can't even say they are healthy lol

  17. anyone else cringe when she massaged the kale without gloves?! >< Ick

  18. KALE NEEDS TO DIE. it is disgusting

  19. If you’re thinking about making it… DO IT. I’ve made it four times this week haha my broccolini went bad and they only had salted sunflower seeds so I left them out. I’ve tried with the egg and without and either are fine! Just get a good avocado mmm

  20. So easy to make this at home and save major $$$…

  21. Isn't anyone going to compliment Frankie on her ability to take all of this in stride? I mean, she is talking to Karlie Kloss in a video that will be viewed by millions. Yet she is perfectly in her comfort zone.

  22. Aaaaah I’m so excited because my mom is about to buy the ingredients for this and I’m about demolish it 😭😭😭❤️🙌🏼

  23. Why don't any of her guests seem happy to meet her?- if I was their, my mouth would probably fall off from smiling so much >.<

  24. Karlie : Maybe I'll just hold the bowl while you…. 😂❤

  25. omg, this is so funny. I love salads, raw fresh vegetables, and natural dressings. BUT this salad isn't worth it. It's a waste of money – seriously. Try the mushroom toast. My friend said they were amazing. But do NOT order this salad. Tastes so boring :/

  26. Haha, started the video after leaving my first comment. I ate the exact same salad – w/o the egg! Way too dry! I'm not a huge dressing person, but I like to add fresh lemon, lime or olive oil and this salad taste like it has nothing on it. Let's see how they make it…​

  27. I didnt like the place. Went there only once in July 2017.

    The waitress was sh*t. She was extremely unfriendly and not attentive at all. I ordered a salad – it was too dry. I had to order extra fresh lime as dressing. They brought 1/4 lime – oh boy, I gave up and just ate it. My friend's meal looked delicious though. She had portobello mushroom toasts. Well, I'm a huge salad fan. If a place can't make good once it's not a place for me.

    Oh, and you CAN'T pay in cash lol. They don't tell you beforehand though haha. Such a silly place 😀

  28. So we're going to start with the hummus?
    We make the hummus in house?
    We start like this with the swoosh?
    With an upward inflection?
    Like everything I say is a question?

    Yes I know not all Australians talk like that.

  29. Do not wear gloves???????? I can´t bealive ! How antigenic that.

  30. Yesssss Two Handssssssss


    Jeez she should have put on plastic gloves to mix the salad!

  32. She's pretty , but looks like the girl next door..


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