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How to Make RAW CAT FOOD (RECIPE) – Homemade Cat Food for Healthy Cats

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FULL RECIPE including ingredients and instructions here: http://catladyfitness.com/my-diet

This recipe is based/adapted from that found on feline-nutrition.org – which I highly recommend checking out as it is a great go-to resource for all things raw cat food 🙂

If you want your feline furry baby to be one of the healthiest, handsomest cats in the world – and one who doesn’t struggle with the all too common bladder or kidney issues – I highly suggest transitioning him or her to a raw meat diet. This food does take some work to prepare, but it will also save you a LOT of money in the long run (on food AND vet bills)!

IMPORTANT TIP: It is best to use organic, pastured egg yolks and non-commercial, non-supermarket brand livers (Murray’s brand works great). If cost isn’t much of an issue, go all out and get organic chicken thighs, too! Animals can tell the quality of what you feed them and I learned that any time I used commercial eggs or supermarket chicken livers, my cat would barely eat his food. But with high quality of both (and FRESH ground meat) he devours it. I only go for the pricier organic thighs when I travel and someone else has to feed him while I’m away, as it best ensures he will eat his food. Yep, picky AND spoiled.

ALSO note that a cat will rarely start eating this way from the get-go. It requires transitioning. First, from dry to wet food. Then by adding small ratios of raw food to the wet food until you reach a full transition… which could take weeks to months. I strongly suggest checking out feline-nutrition.org for tons of info regarding all of this. I also made a HOW TO TRANSITION YOUR CAT video here: https://youtu.be/PNofreqzqL4


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    You are a smart lady who knows that cats are carnivore. I am absolutely sure that nowadays both cats and dogs die relatively young because of those awful "brown candies" they eat. This is how I call them, candies. I always had pets and I never fed them but healthy meat food. I have 2 now, and I only give them the same meat and supplements, without the bone powder because I don' t have such a powerful blender. Your cat must be very happy with such a dedicated mother.

  2. Prickly Taxi Ride

    You keep referring to " the meat " but what exactly is this meat? It looks like pork sausage but I'm fairly confident thats not it. Next up, ground turkey or beef? Care to share what this mystery meat is? I want to be as accurate as I can. I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  3. is it safe? the germs could be deadly for the cat

  4. I am super pumped to know you and your channel exist! This is only my second video watching of yours but I will be coming back and exploring your videos for a very long time. You are super helpful and have a fantastic skill of teaching others, I hope you are still creating content, I feel like I will become a constant viewer 😀

  5. Sleeping Lioness

    I've read many times not to get the pre-ground meats because bacteria on the outside is spread throughout the meat.

  6. Why do you need to cook raw food….?

  7. Gosh where to get these supplements when you live in europe? Also meat is really expensive here, like 20 dollars for a chicken.

  8. Can i give my cat whole chunks/pieces of chicken/meat instead of blending it up?
    Also, I'm extremely apprehensive about starting him on raw food even though I know it's the best for him! I'm concerned about him falling sick with some bacteria in the meat!!! Help, please!
    How can I make sure the raw meat is safe?
    Do i freeze it beforehand for a few days??
    And will rinsing/washing it affect anything relatively?

  9. Did you get Permission from the Ultimate Warrior's Estate before using his Body on your T-Shirt?!

  10. What about toxoplasmosis?. Cats can catch it from raw meat.

  11. Felicia Manuella


  12. Kitty in the Sky

    Why are you grinding everything? Your Cats need to use their teeth.
    See here: http://www.rawfedcats.org/nogrinders.htm

  13. We can eat also that. Except the bones. We can't digest bones. They eat much more healthier than us.

  14. Oh wow! THANKS SO MUCH!
    Do you have a raw dog food recipe??
    I am currently using OC Raw Dog and it is costing me a fortune!

  15. Jubilea Kučerová

    If I want to put in liquid vitamin B-complex, how should I deal with the measurement?

  16. too many supplements, this isnt a real raw diet if there are supplements

  17. Norma Jean Jones

    Thanks! Can I make this for my dog? Yorker

  18. I don’t even have a cat but I’m thoroughly enjoying this video.

  19. I'd love a sign about cats on board I have 2 fur girls 1 year old sisters

  20. Can you list the supplements quantity and measurement

  21. I would need to buy a separate vitamix I'm vegan

  22. sanheimmoongoddess

    table salt isnt very healthy. try sea salt or Pink Himalayan salt.

  23. As a vet technician w/ more than 20 years experience, my only suggestion here is to please tell your veterinarian before starting a raw diet. Not so they can talk you out of it, but so they can put it in your cats record. It's helpful for us to know this B4 an exam. Thx.! 😉

  24. Dracula Reloaded

    every animal can spread rabies . Except birds . So if anyone giving their pets like cats and dogs raw food diet then avoid animal meat like beef,rabbit etc . Give different kind of birds meat .
    Most pple in developed Western countries don't know how horrible is rabis . It had 99.9999% death rate . So be careful.

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