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How To- Make 50 Calorie Ice cream! Dairy and Sugar Free! Low Fat and Low Carb!

This is my favorite healthy sweet treat!

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  1. Beautiful woman.

  2. can you bananas instead of the egg white?…

  3. For you people that don't like almond milk there is also cashew milk soy milk and coconut milk

  4. Looks really good. Thanks for the recipe . One question though. Does the stevia leave any after taste in this recipe. I tried Stevia and Splenda in my coffee and both leave an awful aftertaste with each sip.

  5. this looks great. I will have to experiment with flavours

  6. oh yay! finally a ice cream without the bananas! OwO. I'm so going to make this, it looks so delicious!

  7. Srinivas Makili

    nice very easy, thank you & you are so beautiful….

  8. Preston Shealy

    Is there a printable recipe anywhere?

  9. אילאי גבאי

    I agree that this looks tasty and healthy, but are you sure the whole thing is only 50 calories? i think its a little bit more

  10. Simply Delicioso

    can I use aguafaba instead of egg whites? I want to make a vegan version of this.

  11. seriously this is the best dessert you ever ate?! Defently you never tried Ben & Jerry's

  12. I don't know that I would call this ice-cream. It's frozen coffee, milk and egg whites.

  13. she is so preety

  14. can wait to try this, but is that one cup you had equal about the 50 calories !!?

  15. On the end seems like she is going to puke xD

  16. What measurement is a splash. Do u have a link to your actual recipe. Thx

  17. Size10/ 55 lbs journey

    is the whole cup actually 50 calories?

  18. weight loss green store tea has really helped me get back to my grind. I am now more energetic, I think much quicker, and my mood is always bright. I incorporated eating healthier. I stopped eating junk food and drinking soda and I feel like I'm healthier than I have ever been when I was younger.

  19. blended cute hearts lol

  20. I'd normally use half an ice cube tray for espresso, and the other half for cashew milk (less maintenance to make than almond milk, imho). Then I'd use a tablespoon or two of sugar-free Torani syrup of some sort for flavoring, along with around 1/2 cup of cashew milk… Having a Vitamix 6300, which has a preset for frozen desserts, I'll take the tamper, and press all those ice cubes down, and boy, does that blend well, just as long as I can get the four mounds to form, and take without having to use the darn tamper the whole time.

  21. lowcarbkitchen

    Looks wonderful and easy! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Mine came out creamy, but icy. Just wondering did I do something wrong or is this the way it should be? Thank you for anyone who knows the answer. xo

  23. I couldn't make this because I couldn't find heart-shaped ice cubes.

  24. Wow! Not only is this bad for heath, but REALLY BAD because it gives the illusion of health…which encourages frequent consumption. Yikes! Chemicals that kill.

  25. u call this healthy?
    u just took out everything that was natural in ice cream like fruits and whipped cream and replaced it stuff that comes from bags and cardboards,this is all wrong to me!

  26. Dang that looks so good! Gota try it for sure!!

  27. worldsojourner1

    Thank you for the video. What is the name and model number of the blender you used? It looks easy to use.

  28. I wanna try it! But I don't know where to get these products 🙁

  29. Raw egg whites tho 🙁

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