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How to lose weight fast ? – Weight loss drink at home – Tamil Beauty Tips

How to lose weight fast ? – Weight loss drink at home – Tamil Beauty Tips

No gimmicks, no lies. We found 14 ways to rev up your metabolism so you burn calories and lose weight more quickly. Had it with strict diets? To learn how to lose weight fast, we found easy lifestyle tweaks that send extra pounds packing. Find out why a steady rate of weight loss is safer and more likely to produce the results you want. If you’re wondering how to lose weight fast, try a quick weight loss diet: ditch sodium and processed carbohydrates.

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  1. Mam I am 30years old..currently my weight is 74kg..i take cinnamon drink for the past 3 days..i ll follow 20days what u said from this video..so can I reduce my belly fat ??pls reply mam

  2. Ramadurai Sampath

    Hi Everyone, today I started to drink this. Expecting some good news in further days. Will upload my result after one month.
    அனைவருக்கும் வணக்கம். இன்று முதல் இந்த செய் முறையை பருக தொடங்கிவிட்டேன். ஒரு மாதத்திற்கு பிறகு மாற்றத்தை அறிவிக்கிறேன்.

  3. Kaja Najumudeen Kaja

    Pattai podi podama kudukka lama sister

  4. Cinnemon Powder add pannama kudikalama?

  5. bharathapriya priya

    20days la evlo weight loss agum sis

  6. Mam evlo days la improvement therium..cinnamon powder kudicha??pls tell me

  7. nite epdi sis kudikanum before foodah, after foodah…

  8. Any side effect iruka

  9. Pregnancy fat kammi panna ithu use aguma

  10. sis pls rply fr me…am ur regular follower…intha drink kuda ethachu simple wrkout na ena panalam…want to lose weight quickly

  11. Pattai Podi na Ena Mam ?? & Atha Epd Panrathu

  12. One time mattu kudikalama??night or mrng apdi????

  13. Feed panra vanga kudikalama

  14. பட்டை பொடினா லவங்க பட்டையா ple tell me mam

  15. Night Sapatu monatiya pennatiya sister

  16. Night Saptu kudikanuma sister

  17. Sis paatai…podi akkama appadiya podalama….

  18. kandipa results ketaikum LA sister

  19. Etha Continu panna weight loss aguma kandipa sister

  20. Madam kuraiyum ah … Plz sollunga .. na romba kasta padra kuraika mudiyama….

  21. Vara ethachuim easy ya sollinga mam anku pattai vasam pidikathu

  22. Height increase easy tips

  23. enaku 8 month baby iruku breast feed pandren nan idha use panlama sis..

  24. I don't like honey so without honey shall I drink that sis

  25. kandipa ithu honey add pannanuma mam

  26. Pavithraa Krishnan

    Period time la stomach valikama iruka enna panrathu mam atha konjam solunga plz enaku romba stomach valikum period time la

  27. Dinner saptu evolo neram kalichi intha water kudikanum sis

  28. Thahirshahe Thahirshahe

    நைட் சாப்பிட்ட பிறகு குடிக்குமா தொப்பை குறையுமா

  29. Akka normal pattai use panlama samayalku use panrathu

  30. Itha Mrg kudichitu evlo neram kalichi break fast sapdanum….

  31. Na already inji nd lemon karusiragam honey hot water use pandren mrng la nd night la apo adhulaye patta thool use panlama sister

  32. Sissy pattai ilama Honey ,lemon and warm water matum kudcha wait loss aguma

  33. mam, Shall I use Sugar for This. or must Want to add Honey?

  34. In Night time when we have to take before food or after food

  35. Kudicha kandipa weight loss avuma sis

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