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How To Lose Belly Fat The Fastest – Zumba Dancer Workout For Beginners Step By Step

Here full video – How To Lose Belly Fat The Fastest – Zumba Dancer Workout For Beginners Step By Step[FULL]

How To Lose Belly Fat The Fastest – Zumba Dancer Workout For Beginners Step By Step
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  1. i followw

  2. This is the best video ever I have to now do this every day for all year because this some girls at my school were picking on this fat girl and I am fat myself and the only way not to get picked on is to start getting fit #Needflatbelly

  3. Sheena Maree Simogan

    iv done this before and its great

  4. Why its stop at the middle?

  5. I love this one. But it freezes. Please upload this again.

  6. That doesn't look or sound like a Zumba workout, just a low impact aerobics routine.

  7. Nice dance 💃 💃

  8. I guess I need to do it step by step my heart beat is raging now with the 4th step lol

  9. oh my god this is not for beginners😁

  10. Aw man it stopped in the middle 🙁 just when I was getting into it.

  11. I like your video but, Too much commercial, it turn me off. Just one or two add is fine but you are too greedy…. Will not waft you any more.

  12. puppylover /gamergirl/boy

    I love it

  13. this is such a mom routine

  14. This is not for beginners my lord

  15. Doing just that, no no, what are you eating

  16. Full vedio s not playing, it stuk playing on d midway f d vedio,

  17. This is a great share! I can't wait to create a video similar to this one of these days! I just subscribed! Thank you for being an inspiration!
    I am hoping to show my transformation soon!

  18. Nice zumba dance but u talking too much hhhhhh

  19. They freeze I️t on purpose for views should have known it was a scam
    How does it freeze but the time keeps going I️t
    If I️t really froze the time would stop too

  20. Shakshi Bhadoriya

    why is this video getting stopped at 9:57

  21. I love her

  22. It freezes!!!! I am so mad
    But still this dance workout is really

  23. that moment when you're sweating it out then stopped..

  24. Mam do by doing it i could reduce my belly by 2 inches per month??

  25. Madzia Pobutkiewicz


  26. Felt like lost weight after doing this every day so tired😫

  27. Nizam Qureshi Qreshi

    hii ferah

  28. Hi does zumba reduce ur legs too? I dont want my legs to shed as its already skinny. Want to reduce belly fat only.. can u suggest what should i do?

  29. I like this

  30. This video is NOT good it froze in the middle … can't continue my exercise  🙁

  31. Weight Loss Correctly

    Exercising daily is life. I recommend everyone, you feel better and live longer. Very good video!

  32. 😑the video freeze rdy after 9.30…while I enjoying its freeze 😐

  33. Good job wow

  34. Abdullahi Dada Magaji

    u killed it…. btiful am down with this

  35. watching this and eating samosa

  36. I’m using this as a meditation. Her damn voice is so relaxing! What ever happened to her?

  37. It's freezer in half

  38. lost her credibility when she thought that's how you kick a soccerball….with your toe……BIG NO

  39. My gosh i'm getting sweat.. Very meaningful to me this is my first time. Thanks guys

  40. ma'am it's good but the title is belly fat reduction .but in this video every one tummy is so flat. y can't u do this video with fat peole who has tummy that would be more confident .any how il try this one .wish me al the best and am from India

  41. Horrible music. This is aerboics, not Zumba!

  42. I LOVE YOU…..in 7 days I lost 2.5kgs. follow ur video every day before dinner after office. I really want to thank to you for uploading it. thanks a lot to make my life easier and splurging money in gym.

  43. u r just mind blowing..awesome..u r a vry vry good teacher..lov u..I'm always follow you

  44. Change the title, you know it's not Zumba !! pathetic to mislead ..

  45. this is a great video but lets add a diet o it maybe this might helphttp://tinyurl.com/yageaz8r

  46. i gave up after 8:32 min

  47. Its quite fun u r soo energetic

  48. This is one of Denise's worst videos. I used to think she was great to work out with daily. Then I got away for awhile and now I am back in, but this workout has ZERO warm up…for BEGINNERS? Really, Denise? With all your experience, to set beginners right into this jumpy, challenging stuff right away is just to invite heart attacks. Not that I am at that stage, but I've been doing other workouts regularly to get back in the swing of things, but those trainers warm you up, then do what is realistic and then (if you can) you start jumping. Not responsible to label this as a beginners routine. Just a constructive criticism from a very well established fan of yours.

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