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How Only 15 Minutes Of Walking Can Change Your Body!

Going green with envy over a friend’s dramatic weight loss? Battling to keep that flab in while you try to fit into your jeans? Lost count of the number of times you snoozed your alarm and slept till late instead? Made plans to hit the gym or rock the Zumba lessons that never became real? Spent a fortune to shed those pounds but got tricked by those powder-selling quacks? Well, the good news is that you are not alone.

Stress, long working hours, traffic, struggles to balance a family and career, lack of sleep, and little (or no) time for oneself are the side effects of contemporary living. But there are some people (read: superhumans) who manage to squeeze in time to work out amidst all the chaos that goes on, and you bet they look younger, feel better, and are far more confident, aren’t they? So, if you have been postponing your fitness goals due to a dearth of time, I have great news for you! Read on to know more.

Walking – A Simple Solution To Weight Loss Woes!

Walking – A Simple Solution To Weight Loss Woes!


Walking is the simplest yet very beneficial form of exercise. People who have medical issues that make it difficult for them to take up other forms of exercise, or are too busy to spend hours at the gym, can comfortably rely on this form of exercise to achieve their ideal body weight.

Have you observed how tranquil and at peace your mind is while you are walking? This makes it a great exercise for our bodies and a form to reach the meditative state too. Now, coming back to the good news that I was about to share, let me tell you that walking for only 15 minutes can lead to phenomenal changes in your body – you heard it just right! Now, we can guess just what your next question may be…

So, How Does Walking Help?

So, How Does Walking Help


Walking is a great form of exercise says a report published by the distinguished Mayo Clinic. The experts at the clinic list out the following great health benefits of walking (1).

  • Walking can help one maintain an ideal weight, for regular walking reduces body fat.
  • By walking regularly, it is possible to prevent various health issues, such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular troubles, and type 2 diabetes.
  • The lungs get stronger by breathing in fresh air, thus helping in boosting one’s pulmonary health.
  • Walking helps in strengthening your bones.
  • Helps in combatting muscular pain and stiffness.
  • Walk when you feel low and see how calm and relaxed you feel afterwards. Your mind becomes meditative and you forget what really bothered you at the end of a walk.
  • Walking also helps improve a person’s balancing and coordination skills

Additionally, Take A Walk Away From Insomnia

Additionally, Take A Walk Away From Insomnia


Many people these days suffer from sleep disorders. Lack of sleep or deteriorating sleep quality are also major reasons as to why one suffers from depression, weight loss, and other anxiety-related disorders. But according to experts walking can be a great antidote to insomnia.

Insomnia fuels a large number of negative emotions; every person has a different response to sleeplessness. But by and large, people are cranky, depressed, and they often tend to binge on rich foods, which leads to weight gain. And we all know that weight gain never helps in fighting depression.

A very significant advantage of walking is that it cuts off a person from the cacophony of life and exposes him/her to the bountiful nature. Unless you carry an electronic gadget with you for a walk, you get SR (read: Schumann resonance) in plenty, which is also dubbed as the ‘healing power of nature.’

SR is nothing but a natural electromagnetic wave that is present between the ionosphere and the earth’s surface. It is a proven fact that being in tune with nature makes one feel happy, relaxed, and healthy. The SR wave’s frequency (7.83 Hertz) is a very healing frequency for the brain (2). Hence, making time for those outdoor walks, rather than staring at one’s computer screen, can bring down stress levels significantly, thus helping in curing insomnia.

Despite the madness that the modern lifestyle brings in, it is imperative for us to spend at least 15 minutes of our day walking in the outdoors. Walking helps us bring home heart and lung health, good muscle and bones strength, flexibility, social and emotional well-being, and also a toned body without spending a penny. Taking a walk every day also helps us fight insomnia, which is a major reason for a lot of health woes that includes depression and weight gain.

I am sure you don’t need more reasons to put on your walking gear now and head for a walk. So, gift yourself a 15-minute digital detox; step out, warm up, hydrate, walk-in sync with nature, and relax. You will be immensely pleased to see the benefits of gifting yourself with good health on the road ahead!

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