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High protein & FAT FREE Khichda – Indian Vegetarian Bodybuilding Recipes | BeerBiceps Vegan

The ultimate vegetarian bodybuilding food you’ll find in India – The Khichda.

Ingredients –
1)2 Tbsp Masoor dal
2)2 Tbsp Tuvar dal
3)2 Tbsp Chana dal
4)2 Tbsp Moong dal
5)4 Tbsp Lapsi/Daliya/Broken Wheat
8)Turmeric 1/2 Tsp
9)Cumin 1/2 Tsp

I’ve always maintained at BeerBiceps that whether you’re a vegetarian or a non vegetarian living in this country, you should adopt high protein Indian vegetarian dishes like the humble Khichda.

A vegetarian diet for muscle building should always include dishes like this. This is a great food item for a vegetarian meal plan whether you’re trying to burn fat, lose weight or put on lean muscle. Healthy Indian food is the best and most delicious kind of food. Indian bodybuilding food and Indian muscle building food has never been so tasty. Need veg Indian food for gym? this is one of the best healthy vegetarian recipes. What makes it even better is that this is a vegan dish. So if you’re a vegan bodybuilder, i promise you, this is a fantastic vegan bodybuilding recipes. Vegetarian muscle building diets have never been so easy or tasty.
bringing you one of the many vegan bodybuilding recipes i have in store for you guys!

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  6. First wash all dal for clean cooking

  7. Serendipity Serene


  8. Dakshata Gulkhobare

    Guys, don't forget to wash those dals and Lapsi before cooking!!

  9. why you are not giving nutrition value.. like its useless without know it

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  11. Aparna Danturthi

    Rip gabbar😢😢😢😢

  12. This recipe is my today's lunch thanks bro 🙂

  13. Plz come up with more vegetarian protein recipes..

  14. Nice recipe but I think u forgot to wash Toor, masur and moong dal normally I have seen my mom to wash all d dals before putting it in cooker.

  15. I thought it’s called khichdi

  16. Its a veg form of hyderabadi harees

  17. We use to cook this since long time

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    Recipe is very gd

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  26. Dalls doesn't provide protein if they are cooked in pressure cooker becoz dall breaks due to extreme steam pressure cook it in open vessel or earthen pot they u get your proteins

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    Congratulations for 1M👍

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