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High-Protein Bodybuilding Chicken & Tomato Pasta

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  1. Simple but effect, thanks.

  2. Made it today. Everything was fresh, not frozen. I’ve had better

  3. Good dish for bulking great recipe.

  4. Dat cant taste good

  5. When he says frozen chicken/brocolli, does he cook it then freeze it or buy it frozen?

  6. Spiderman…is that you?

  7. Idk where your from but where I live you don't impress girls with Frozen broccoli and frozen chicken, And that's word to Gordon Ramsay

  8. The ones that tell you to add this and make it fresh are the casuals. Ignore them bro true Bodybuilders need something there quick and healthy to satisfy.
    Great recipe simple and quick will try out.

  9. can i eat it daily??

  10. Hi, is this easy to store in the fridge for about a week?

  11. Macros?

  12. how much protein does it has and the calories as well???

  13. Not a bodybuilder. But This recipe looks great. 🙂

  14. Thank you, I made it with mushrooms, tomatoes and carrotts

  15. I did this n it's good thank you

  16. that is the most boring uninspired recipe I have ever seen.

  17. Im going to make this without the broccoli.. I hate it 😛

  18. I honestly can't wait to make this tomorrow!!! thanks for putting this up

  19. it looks yummy

  20. Love the recipes but you should put the ingredients in the description box!

  21. Wow great easy to prepare…

  22. looks amazing will definitely try it however you might wanna consider cooking fresh chicken/meat/veggie or atleast get it to room temp by leaving it out covered as cooking any food item thats frozen does take time no matter how hot the vessel is vs fresh food product … peace 🙂

  23. Solid motivational video. Major Salute from iWontLose


  25. 2613 guys made this for a girl and got to go balls deep.

  26. Scientific evidence show that you can optimise your muscle building process 2x-3x faster; just by adjust your eating plan. Because time you spend on the workout room is just 3% of all your time.

  27. no wine or vodka in this? 

  28. That looks pretty good! I'll give it a try.

  29. can i use this if imm cutting?

  30. this guy is insane with his recipes lol I hope to get time to try all of them. Keep doing what you're doing Mr. leanbodylifestyle. Thanks.

  31. My classmates laughed when I told them I would build muscle with "Xraggy Muscle Max", but then I showed them the results. Go and Google Xraggy Muscle Max to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  32. WTF boil the water first before you add the pasta

  33. ''be my guest'' nice one xD

  34. be my guest

  35. wen u say "Adding fresh chicken or frozen one" does we have to cook it first or should be added raw.????

  36. Đông Quân Trần

    món ni dễ làm mà ngon nè +Han Tran +Le Hoa Nguyen Thi 

  37. no parmesan or cheddar?

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