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Healthy Vegan Breakfast Ideas

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hi my little flowers ✿ .
today i’m sharing some super easy and healthy breakfast ideas, most of which are vegan except for one! (the waffles & berries recipe because the waffles were made with eggs) other than these are all super delicious, super fast and super healthy, you definitely don’t have to feel guilty with these recipes.

I feel like I might get this question after this video so I will answer it now, I am not vegan at the moment… I’m currently vegetarian trying to transition into a vegan lifestyle. I’m pretty good at eating vegan during the day but at night that’s when I really want cheese. Cheese is my weakness, and yes I have tried vegan cheese… yuck! lol

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  1. I can’t access the link so I was wondering if anyone new the measurements for the pancakes?

  2. you microwave a lot of shit. thats unhealthy kid.

  3. Thanks for all the ideas! I am not sure if the mini belgian waffles are vegan though, I believe they contain egg

  4. omg i posd it to looke at one and i was like what is that wet stuf and i was drooling

  5. you didn't tell us the amounts of each ingredient needed for the pancakes

  6. I'm new to your channel, thanks so much for this recipe! You're so cute and funny by the way lol can you pleaseeee… Make a smoothie or a lunch video. Thanks! 🙂

  7. Loved the video, I`m really craving all those foods now!. :p
    I am a small youtuber myself and I just uploaded a little fun stop motion banana ice cream video on my channel, it would make me really happy if you`d check it out and let me know what you think. 😀

  8. Can you please do more vids like this please

  9. You lost me at microwave.

  10. Does everyone use the same background music? I can't take it anymore. ..lol

  11. is she from Hannah Montana

  12. I'm trying to be a low fat vegan is it possible for me to cook the pancakes without oil?

  13. my sister is vegan and i wanna make the waffles for her bday

  14. Love and Simple Sugars Twin Flames

    u have just destroyed that meal in the microwave yaack.. and your health

  15. You didn't mention measurements

  16. Please do more vegan videos! Love you Jackie 😘

  17. I like the first one and the third one as I don't have a blender. I also have acidity problems because I eat too many fruits so my breakfast doesn't have to be too fruity, thanks 🙂

  18. I liked this video but we NEVER use a microwave because it changes the food at the molecular level. I wish you did more recipes that did not involve nuking food. Maybe this is a topic you could video blog about.

  19. Yummy Yummy Vegan Food Ideas! :   )

  20. i like this vid…tryna go vegetarian (:

  21. I liked this video. Sad thing that I love dates and never thought to put them in my green smoothie. Thanks for showing that. 😋

  22. Flowered Sentiments

    whenever i try to make eggless pancakes they turn out like porridge in pan and wont flip

  23. why is the oat meal frozen? never seen this before

  24. you can try go veggie cheese! its lactose free and tastes great!

  25. so inspiring. Love it !

  26. Abbie Christopherson

    More of these kinds of vids pleeeease!

  27. I love your personality! I'm so happy I just found your channel!

  28. So fun! Great tips ; )

  29. I would love to see more videos like this Jackie! 🙂 I eat a plant based gluten free diet and I'm a regular subscriber of yours. When I saw this pop up, I was like :O omg! I loved this video. Since vegan breakfasts especially can kind of seem limited at times, this was so helpful! If you choose to make any more videos like this, know that you'd have one ecstatic viewer:D thank you!!

  30. I really like the videos thees way! They help us stay healthy with new and different healthy ideas 🙂

  31. I don't think a true vegan would use a micro wave. Or pre packaged food

  32. I liked this video
    Very helpful

  33. Do more of these vids! I really love them❤️

  34. Dineo Maboe-Khambule

    This style of video is great, especially for us in foreign countries where there isn't Nature Box.

  35. I like the idea of cooking with your snacks as well as trying them out.

  36. I burned my pancakes and all the Fire alarms went off in my house

  37. TheAnatomyOfSparkle

    I love this video, way better than just the regular unboxing 😀

  38. In order to be healthy you need to sleep and you jacky go to sleep late for us. And it's fine because your videos are amazing, but it's unhealthy to go to bed after 12 noon because your body will not rest properly.

  39. Why are you personally using gluten free flour?

  40. ルイサちゃんねる

    Cheese is my weakness too! My diet is about 98% vegan now but sometimes dairy (cheese mostly) will get to me D: and yeah vegan cheese is kind of gross LOL

  41. is coconut milk considered vegan?

  42. I think you should do a lunch, dinner & snack version of this too – like a mini series 🙂 x

  43. Woah, I didn't know about that quinoa oatmeal! PS I love that you apologized to your bowl 🙂

  44. Great ideas, my breakfast always needs a touchup from toast and cereal!
    I would love to see more videos like this.

  45. I love your videos but I do not regard any of these recipes as healthy. Nice video tho

  46. For the pancakes, you said "baking soda" but showed baking power. Which one is it?

  47. You should check out Niomi Smart and Marcus butler's vlogs, they are super super healthy and delicious snacks!!

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