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Healthy Sweet Potato Toast Breakfast Recipe | A Clean Eating Recipe

This easy + healthy Sweet Potato Toast is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. All gluten free with vegan options.
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  1. I do not like sweet potatoes, but I gave this a try with a scrambled egg & spinach and a spoon of chunky salsa and I loved it, I am so glad I tried this!!!

  2. Wow! I never heard of such a thing! I'm definitely going to try these!!! (I just love sweet potatoes!)

  3. All of them, now! Thanks! Couldn’t get any easier!

  4. Dear Dani.l just love so many of your recipes and ideas.As soon as l can l will give this a try….it just seems a wonderfully delicious idea.Thank you for all your efforts…they really are appreciated

  5. Today was my first day trying it with almond butter and banana slices

  6. I loved the idea but what if we don't have a toaster?

  7. Wana try all 3 love sweet patatos. Tnx for the ideas

  8. How did I miss this trend and this video? Looks great but doesn't it leave sweet potato bush on the inside of your toaster?

  9. I would try topic idea #2 first. It looks pretty, refreshing and as though it'll keep me full and satisfied for a long time.

  10. I had no idea you could put sweet potato in a toaster!! Whoa!

  11. to be honest i never thought of eating raw sweet potato, i always bake them. isnt the toast hard and is it easily digestible?

  12. OMG this is brilliant!!

  13. Wow! I'm going to try the mashed avocado with an egg on top. Can't wait to try it! Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

  14. Thanks, you r amazing…and I love your recipes.

  15. what if I don't have a toaster?

  16. Thank you again for a great idea. I will try the mashed avocado. I would use crystal sauce and top with an over easy egg. I can eat this as breakfast by itself or with steamed Broccoli on the side for lunch or quick dinner.

  17. Yummmm, can't wait to try those!👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  18. Thanks its healthy,,,,, please make a glutame free recepi

  19. Avocado sounds good with an egg 👍🏼 Thank you!

  20. I just discovered your channel and I'm absolutely loving everything!!!

  21. I am not a fan of ricatta but the other ones look delish

  22. I love avocados so I'll try it first and then the others! all of them look so yummy.

  23. Thank you Dani for making awesome food, fun and easy to cook.

  24. I didn't know you can cook sweet potatoes in a toaster!

  25. A.J Kennedy Thomas

    I'm so glad I'm binge watching a few of your videos this morning. I'm gonna try one of these for brunch this morning. 👌🏾

  26. Love these ideas!! thanks for waking up my breakfast taste buds!!

  27. Try it was some pesto!!!! Soon yummy!

  28. awesomeness

  29. your instagram link does not work! FYI 🙂

  30. you are amazing!!!!! love you💕😘👍 super delicious. thank you💐

  31. Just tried sweet potato toast this morning. The whole family enjoyed this!

  32. Do you find that one slice is enough to fill you or do you usually eat two?

  33. I'm addicted to your YouTube videos – honestly haven't seen even one I don't like! So motivational, especially for a 53 year old trying to eat clean & lower carb/higher protein as I navigate major hormonal imbalances.

  34. Dani. I just took the spices from your spicy roasted sweet potato recipe mixed with the garlic dip and spread it on my sweet potato toast!!! Yummy!

  35. I want to try the avocado SP toast but I'd use Red Hot instead of red pepper flakes

  36. Hi Dani. I love this idea as I'm trying to get the recommended amount of potassium each day in my diet. I tried making them but am having trouble cutting the slabs. Any further recommendations? It's hard to keep them still on the cutting board and to get a straight slab. Thanks!

  37. GENIUS

  38. Dani do the potatoes get soft enough? Sweet potatoes always take so long to bake in the oven. Thx

  39. So happy I saw this video! I challenged myself to a Paleo lifestyle in observance of Lent and two of these yummy ideas are paleo approved 🙂 Thanks!

  40. Hasel Bustamante

    Can't wait to try these!! Thank you Dani

  41. Royal Scribe Comments

    could you please show us your fitness routine.

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