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Healthy Breakfast Myths Debunked – Healthy Breakfast Ideas & Weight Loss Tips

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Healthy Breakfast Myths Debunked – Healthy Breakfast Ideas & Weight Loss Tips

In this video Corrina discusses how to eat a healthy breakfast and debunks some of the most common nutrition myths about breakfast.

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  1. Ornella Flavien

    i actually used to feel terrible when my cousin used to be filled on one cup of fruit loops and i had to eat like 4 cups to be filled. now ik its cause this isnt real food.!

  2. love your videos!

  3. I haven't had breakfast in over 8 years….

  4. I am British, I usually eat Weetabix or shredded wheat.

  5. what about shredded wheat cereal

  6. go away everyone! corrina's mine!!!

  7. Bijoy P MATHEW

    Is Quaker Oats a good form of oats to have?

  8. Chantelle Hayter

    You never touched on toast for breakfast. Maybe include that in the next video?!

  9. what do you expect us to do when one organic apple is for 2.99$?

  10. Margaret Charlton

    wow! I ALWAYS wondered how they found all these magical oranges that tasted the same. good to know!
    give up the dairy though Corrina! luv u!

  11. I'm pretty sure in one of your earlier videos you said eggs including the yolk were bad

  12. chrissy raddatz

    How much "good" fats are we supposed to be eating?

  13. Myth – that milk is health food. Nope.

  14. Not all Greek Yogurt is low fat. I agree with most of what you say, especially avoiding low or no fat foods, processed foods, and artificial sweeteners, et all. Definitely avoid the packaged meats. However, I would not advise anyone to replace meat protein with vegetable. Meat is more complete and avoiding meats leads to MS and other neurological diseases. Thank you for speaking the TRUTH about eggs and fats!!!! Thumbs up and sub'd on that basis alone.

  15. Vivian Richards

    Yep eat your fruit whole and juice your greens

  16. Buckwheat with a spoon of apple sauce is all my stomach can tolerate in the morning. It's surprisingly filling.

  17. The orange juice thing threw me for a loop! Already knew the other things. So informative, yet so depressing haha

  18. GreatestAndGreatest

    As always, Corrina, excellent video, very instructive.

  19. Really informative and enlightening video. I think the epitomy of achieving and maintaining a good physical condition as far as nutrition is concerned, lies in consuming raw, unprocessed sources of nutrients, in this way providing your body with high quality materials to function properly and look good. 🙂

  20. As always, great video. Packed with useful information!

  21. Corrina your videos are always informative and interesting.

  22. When recommending consumption of whole grains, consider that they come with antinutrients and toxins.

  23. HyperOpticalSaint

    Rolled oats are not that great, especially for diabetic people, do yourself a fav and get steel cut oats.

  24. eggs should be eaten raw if eaten at all. Cooked eggs are very difficult for humans to digest

  25. I love your videos, very good information, thankyou, you are the best…

  26. Danforth Ryder

    Corrina, sometimes cooking, baking, or even just everyday food sometimes calls for something to sweeten it.  Can you do a video on how to address this?  I know the number one suggestion is to eat natural whole fruit, especially berries, but what about using things like cane syrup, maple syrup, honey, or agave nectar?

    I have read very conflicting articles that say that various types of natural sugars, or sugar derivatives (such as agave syrup) are either great for you, or they are bad for you.

    If we wanted to say, bake a cake for a party, but we want the cake to be as healthy as possible while still being tasty, what are things that we can do?

  27. I love how easy it is to eat healthy! This is definitely a good reference video to share with all of the people who question me about what and why I eat what I eat. 
    Thank you!

  28. +Corrina Rachel More smoothie recipes please????

  29. I thought that skimmed milk was better than the whole because it has less fat (whole has too much fat)
    Is that true?
    Very good information as always, you look so healthy and beauty
    Thanks so much

  30. My mother has been utilizing the "Chobani: Greek, Plain Yogurt" for a smoothie she has been preparing every morning and I've never paid attention to the "non-fat" label when buying it. I have become very cautious with what I buy, but I totally missed this one just because I "trusted" the plain greek yogurt. I have informed my mother wrongly. Thanks for advising us! I love watching videos like this one. They are incredibly informative! Thank you, again, Corina! Looking good as always. (:

  31. Me llamo Carolina

    You are such an inspiration! I recently just started my weight loss journey… again! It has been a struggle. I have been on the same roller coaster ride for years and I am just ready to make a change in my life. Thank you!!!!

  32. Can you do a video like this for weight gain ? Also is it okay to drink ensure to help gain weight

  33. How about Tropicana oranges jc???

  34. BlackGuy Jones

    Corrina your so Beautiful and smart!!

  35. corrina which is better brown eggs or white and is there a nutritional difference between the two ? thanks

  36. So, is it better to avoid a quick convenient, and not eat breakfast?….My breakfast is usually Cheddar Cheese grits and three whole eggs with coffee and water.

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