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Healthy Breakfast IDEAS! SMOOTHIE BOWLS | Sam Ozkural

Hi Hi! Today I am showing you a healthy breakfast idea! SMOOTHIE BOWLS! YAY! There so pretty and good !! This is perfect before school, after a workout or whenever your craving ice-cream! Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Thumbs up for more healthy food !!

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  1. Debbyfoodilicious

    You're recipe is perfect! I did one today too 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKOL3tkzfDg&t=30s

  2. Adriana Espinoza

    frozen fruit + protein does the trick too!

  3. Jalia J.Wagner

    Isn't a smoothie bowl with frozen fruit and the fresh fruit is the toppings??

  4. Jess B. Williams

    I just made one and it was SO delicious! In addition to the unsweetened cashew milk I added a spoonful of "really raw" honey and a splash of hazelnut cream. Super delish!

  5. Take spinach and avocado blend and mix it with pasta, it is like a spinach-avocado cream sauce. Delicious! (Had it for dinner last night with chicken and some lime juice)

  6. hey doll. i love all your advice videos and everything i have learned by watching you. Just wanted to pass on some suggestion your way. it seems like you may be wearing the incorrect size bra. Go to your local VS and get sized. Iove your videos XOXO

  7. Rotem Myasnikov

    omg thats too much chia seeds lol
    i think you suppost to eat about 2 table spoons each day (i read it at some article)

  8. patheticblonde

    Start at 1:14

  9. I recently made the strawberry and banana one and it was delicious! Thanks for these recipes. 🙂

  10. juliana almiron

    love this video!

  11. FaithhBeautyyFitness

    You are so funny haha. The first one looks amazing💕

  12. Carbs are good for you.

  13. Is the Kind granola good for you? I try to stay away from granola even though I love it

  14. Is it okay to consume so much chia seeds? On my packaging it says 10grams a day a not more…

  15. your hair color is amazing can you tell me please if its a dye??

  16. I just discovered chia seeds not long ago, and I've been mixing them up in my smoothies. Will definitely have to try this!!

  17. Martha Elizabeth

    if you want some good smoothie/smoothie bowl recipes, Tess Begg has a lot of really good ones I would highly recommend her! ❤️❤️

  18. you are perfection love u

  19. Your videos are super informative 👏🏾 I look forward to watching them! 🙌🏾💖

  20. Diego and Hollie Ortiz

    Yum these looks great. I Also did a smoothie bowl vid but yours look so good!

  21. Michelle Guitelman

    you can even add frozen zucchini to smoothie bowls! Less carbs, more volume 😀

  22. i've never tried a smoothie bowl before. i just feel they are loaded with tooons of calories.but i will try the chocolate one it looks sooo good.thanx sam❤❤

  23. SweetEmelyne's

    Your makeup looks amazing!! And these smoothie bowls look SO good!

  24. Ashley Griffin

    I bought some of the BPI protein you drink. I was wondering if you ever use it as a meal replacement? And if that's a good idea?

  25. So yummy!!!!

  26. Yum! These look great! And I love your makeup here! You are glowing!

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