I hope you guys enjoy my healthy breakfast ideas and recipes what to eat vegan style! These foods are easy and quick to make. Please let me know in the comment which breakfast idea was your favorite and give this video a thumbs up for more healthy recipe ideas in the future!
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  1. Frances Guerrero

    Nice video. Good plant based diet. Friendly tip vegan is a lifestyle not a diet. Veganism means a lot to people who care for animals and don't want to see them get used in any way.

  2. I wonder if she has a cold

  3. Defiantly the avocado toast!

  4. This looks so yummy!

  5. Karine Hammoud

    i loved all 3 breakfast ideas.

  6. I'm going to have to try the smoothie bowl.

  7. daniela Merino

    A great Vegan option for honey is agave nectar that's what I use !! It's yummy 👍💖

  8. Wanna try the fruit pizza!

  9. Hannah Meredith


  10. Nice video! Honey is so good!

  11. Arianis Hernandez

    I eat that avocado toast every morning already!

  12. I love the smoothie bowl for breakfast! 😋😚

  13. what i eat in a day, workout routine please

  14. the baba so cute 😀

  15. Fab video – thanks for sharing veganism!

  16. thank you for sharing this video my mom would love this she likes fruits and vegetables.😇😍😇

  17. Vegan lunch ideas please!! 😁

  18. loved the intro!!!! def gonna try one of the ideas

  19. Vegans don't eat honey!?? I'm confused

  20. McKenzie Bartshe

    This looks so good! I'm not vegan, but im looking into it.

  21. i had the smoothie bowl this morning it was amazing thanks!!!

  22. I've been LOVING avocado toast lately!

  23. Ayah Abdelghani

    U sound sick

  24. Wee Clan Torrance

    Brilliant video! I love adding a drop of freshly squeezed lime to my avocado 😀

  25. Thankyou so much for subbing to my channel it means a lot to me!! 🙂 x

  26. Sarah Robinson

    Lunch and dinner ideas would be great!

  27. ahh omg this stuff looks sooo good! I've recently been considering cutting meat out of my life so this was really awesome to see!

  28. omg i absolutely love this video

  29. Would love to see healthy lunch and dinner ideas please 🙂

  30. delicious

  31. I love the fruit pizza idea. Definitely going to be trying it soon:)

  32. Curly Proverbz

    Recently went on a vegan challenge…. Breakfast was the most challenging…. Were you vegan while pregnant?

  33. I wish i liked avocado 😭

  34. Katrina Endler

    not enough protein for me.

  35. Oh the pizza was a great idea💡

  36. Rachael Morgan

    I love these videos ❤️❤️❤️

  37. Louisa Dubickas

    I'm confused about the music in this video. Do you not need to buy the rights to this music to use it? I once made a video with a Whitney song in the background and the video got removed from youtube because of the music. I'm just curious as I'd love to use better/chart music in my videos but I'm scared that if I do they will get removed. Any advice would be great! Also, does Final Cut Pro have more Jungles than iMovie does? I'm trying out the trial version of Final Cut Pro now and can't see any additional music in it than iMovie does. Cheers! xxxxx

  38. Anna Manning - Makeup Tutorials, Beauty, Hairstyles

    these all look soo good!!

  39. awesome video I'm trying to go vegan but no one is supporting me and there r so many cravings,but I will eventually just hate all of the animal cruelty

  40. omg now im hungryyyyyyy!!!

  41. I love these videos! Please make more! Everything looks so delicious! Maybe you should write a cookbook?? 😀😀

  42. Natalia Gapinska

    Hi Myka. Hi! The gastroenterologist has confirmed that my newborn is allergic to soy, dairy, beef and eggs. Since I'm exclusively breastfeeding, I need easy recipe ideas that are allergen free. Any recommendations on websites or books? Thanks in advance!

  43. So excited to see vegan recipes!!!!!! Please make more vegan recipes!!!!!!! 😊

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