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    help! expat living in Brazil! help!
    can you do a video for "how to spot a bad nutritionist "? I recently had an appointment with a nutritionist and I totally disagree with about 80% of what she told me.
    1. she said fasted cardio is dangerous and I should never do it for fat loss. I'm 46 and do fasted cardio at 60% of my max HR.
    2. She said I should not eat eggs for breakfast. instead I should have whole grains or denatured yogurt.
    3. she said coffee liquid does not contribute to my total daily water intake.
    4. she said never to use whey protein UNLESS I am strength training for more than 90 minutes per work out.
    5. she said I should not take D3 with my lunch because the nutrients in my food would inhibit absorption of the D3.
    6. she said the fats in coconut oil and natural peanut butter are not helpful to my HDL.
    so I disagree with all of that. I think she got her credentials from a cereal box.
    anyhow let me know if you'll do a video addressing how to spot a poor nutritionist and I'll go ahead and subscribe. also if you could weigh-in on the issues I have with what the nutritionist told me. thanks!

  2. for chia seeds, do you have to soak them in liquid to absorb the nutrients? if you don't do you still absorb them? (the yogurt meal)

  3. Great video! Can you do a video on how to start off a healthy lifestyle, tips, etc? Also is there a website I can go to find a RD in Atlanta?

  4. These recipes look awesome! Thank you 🙂

  5. Everything looks super yummy….what are the benefits of chia seeds? And I was expecting you to cook the oats….do you cook them or do you just eat them right out of the fridge without cooking them?

  6. Love this! Becca, can you pretty please do a video on Diet Sodas…wether or not they are "good" for you, etc? Particularly Diet Coke? I'm a bit addicted. 🙏🏻

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