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Healthy Breakfast Ideas for School // Quick After-School Workouts!

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Back to School Outfit Ideas + Inspiration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wamPyLl8wW4

Get Ready with Us for our Delia’s Meetup!

*For all of you asking, Gabi broke her foot recently while running and landing on her foot the wrong way. She’s in a boot for a month, and will be better soon! I think she’s doing pretty damn well in it. If you’re reading this, comment below “Gabi’s rockin’ that boot” 🙂 -Niki

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  1. Virág Csofcsics

    Omg! Niki is more tan than Gabi😱

  2. This is the first video I watched of theirs sisnskkswmksmskwwm

  3. Gabi's rockin' that boot

  4. Niki francesco gabbani

  5. I love how tan and toned Niki was in this video

  6. The piece of parsley in the smoothie HAHA

  7. "PEE CANS" lol

  8. "kia seed"…. lol wtf it is chia seed, CH-I-A SEED lmao

  9. smoothies are so thick that they dont pass through my throat

  10. Gabi's rockin' that boot

  11. A comment if your watching in 2017


  13. Jilicia Roopchand

    For a moment i tought ariana grande was sitting next to gabie

  14. can you do what I eatvin a day!!??

  15. Who else are watching this in 2017

  16. this is the old Niki and gabi that I used to watch I miss them when they were like this 😴

  17. what happen to her leg …

  18. What can you put in instead of pineapple in the smoothie I'm allergic

  19. Gabis hair looks like Ariana Grande hahah

  20. I like guides from Unflexal . I learned a lot of new workouts practices there

  21. Marcela Delaroche

    Gabby really glowed up

  22. Omg is gabi engaged her ring!

  23. did anyone see Gabi's leg it is a boot it might be sprained or something I don't really know

  24. I feel like Gabby is trying to be like Ariana Grande

  25. That is not healthy

  26. Poor gab 😢

  27. what happend to your leg

  28. Janika Kauppinen

    Watching this while eating ice cream… oops

  29. what Gabi said was so inspiring

  30. Who is watching this Video in 2017

  31. Gaby looks just like Ariana Grande

  32. What happened to gabby

  33. Cameryn Yanssens

    Omg this is when niki had brown hair

  34. I look this in 2017 😂


  36. did any one see that gabi broke her leg

  37. Who else is flicking through the comments in 2017?? If you see this have a great day😘😘😘

  38. who is watching this when Niki has blue hair???

  39. I'm not hating, I love niki and Gabi, but why is Nikki so intrusive. It feels like I'm all her videos she's in charge and gabi is like just sitting there…..

  40. umm you can defently tell they are not Texas they dont even know how yo so Pecans

  41. your videos are so much better when you do them ❤👍😗😀

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