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Healthy Breakfast Dessert Recipes For Weight Loss

Healthy Breakfast Dessert Recipes For Weight Loss

Today we have healthy dessert recipes for weight loss. A great fat loss food option. Apple oatmeal. So what you will need is one


Medium size apple
Three quarter cup fat-free milk
A quarter cup of oatmeal
1 scoop of Beverly Vanilla UMP
1/4 cup of low sugar granola (to top it off to give it a nice crunch)


Start by warming the milk for two minutes on high in the microwave. Slice your apple and once sliced place it place them into a handy chopper, place the lid on chopper

then you’re going to pull several times until you get the size apple you you prefer. Once your milk hot you’re going to put it out of the microwave and you’re going to

start to stir on your chopped apples, along with the oatmeal you’re going to start stir it real good and going to start cooking the apple ant oatmeal and then the next

thing is you’ll drop in one scoop of vanilla UMP, start to mix that in, it’s going to become really creamy and the from here you can top it with a nice crunch, I like

granola, today I don’t have any granola, so I’m just going to chop up a few more nuts, either way is going to top it off and really give it a nice texture in crunch.

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Healthy Breakfast Dessert Recipes For Weight Loss

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