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Healthy Breakfast Cereal Choices – Best & Worst! – Mind Over Munch

How to choose healthy breakfast cereals! Look for tasty, whole-grain breakfast cereals that are low in sugar, like Kix and Crispix!
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  1. No shredded wheat bran??!?

  2. My perfect bowl of cereal (that I eat ALL the time) :
    A light cereal (like organic cornflakes, organic Cheerios, brown rice crisps, or kix) mixed with homemade granola (or muesli) for some protein and heartiness that will keep you full. Top with banana, blueberries, and/or strawberries (or even dates, if you’re feeling extra indulgent ;D ). Finally suffocated that crunchy goodness with your favorite milk (I LOVE almond and coconut blend nondairy milk) and enjoy your perfect cereal :))
    P.S : if you are still hungry, eat some carrots or another veggie. Although this breakfast is healthy will no added sugar (if the granola/muesli is fruit sweetened) it is still LADEN with NATURAL sugar. Try to balance it out with fresh veggies.

  3. Shredded wheat just has wheat in it

  4. Same here- My favourite is cornflakes, actually. NOT sugar-coated!

  5. hi Alyssia
    what do you think about weetabix? Do you think that's a good breakfast choice?

  6. My all time favorite breakfast: 1 bowl of cheerios + 1 sliced banana on top. 😋😍😁

  7. Servant of The Most High

    Kashi Lean is very healthy.

  8. Honey Smacks got recalled

  9. My mom bought this cereal and it is the Quaker oat cereal with brown sugar and only 9 grams of sugar and like 5 grams of fiber so is that one good to eat?

  10. i love honey nut cheerios

  11. Is Honey Bunches of Oats good for you? It’s my favorite cereal, and I eat it all the time…

  12. No cereal? No! No! No.

  13. I like all-bran😂😂

  14. Well, at least I haven't been eating sugary cereal for decades. I have spent a lot of time in the cereal aisle checking ingredients and nutrition labels. Always trying to find the "ideal" cereal with low sugar, high fiber, organic whole grains, low fat, etc. that I'll actually like. We all need a hobby!

  15. Unless you buy plain oatmeal or grape nuts all dry cereals have sugar in the ingredients list. At least a good 98% of them.

  16. I love kashi's blueberry cereal! It's organic, with natural sugars, and it's so yummy with almond milk

  17. Get to the point and stop with your lo g boring jokes!!!

  18. Easier way… Go for cereal that tastes like cardboard.

  19. General Mills Multi Grain Cheerios. That's all I have to say.

  20. I'd like to add a healthy cereal to your list. I just had some of Food For Life's Golden Flax cereal and it tasted REALLY bland. Its got a serving size of half a cup, 6 grams of fiber, 0 grams of sugar (something sweet like berries or a little bit of a banana will need to be added), and 9 grams of protein. And the first ingredient is: Organic Sprouted Wheat. I'm really enjoying your videos! Keep up the great work!

  21. I'm just gonna stick to oatmeal

  22. Hate you

  23. Mackenzie VanGossen

    Whole grain granola+tiny bit of coconut sugar and coconut shavings+ almond milk= 😍. Best cereal-like alternative for me besides oatmeal

  24. So, Are Cheerios good for your breakfast ?

  25. Another amazingly tasty cereal that i would recommend is honey bunches of oats( flavors i would recommend: cinnamon, honey roasted, almond, pecan and maple, banana, apple and cinnamon) Would avoid chocolate, vanillia and the cereals with a crunch due to the high amounts of sugar and higher calorie intakes.
    Getting back to the point, all the recommeded flavors have 6 grams of sugar which is pretty close to the desired amont.(to make up for that one gram of sugar, they taste amazing) Their first ingredients are either corn, whole grain wheat, or whole grain rolled oats. There ingredient lists are medium(i guess) But, most of the stuff they use is pretty healthy. They have two grams of fiber but the fiber is from the whole grains and not from added artificial fiber. There serving size is 3/4 a cup which is pretty good compared to other cereals.( have around 120 to 130 calories per serving)
    Over all this is a good cereal for you kids trying to maintain your weight or trying to loss a little weight.(caution: this cereal is super addictive)Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes wrote this in a rush.

  26. Such a shame in eu cheerios have like +20% of sugar 🙁 . Corn flakes are more decent w a 8% ,but those dont really me up lol. Anyway nice video thanks!

  27. I LOVE peanut butter Puffins

  28. Fruit LOOOOPSS

  29. I like Uncle Sam's, you can always add fruit/dried fruit for sweetness.

  30. Are you a dietitian or anything? Hopefully that doesn’t sound rude or anything but I’m wondering how you learned all this

  31. Yes I'm so happy because KIX is my favorite cereal of all time! <3

  32. i have ate captin crunch for 20 years.
    I had whole grain oats for the first time last week.
    i love whole grain oats they taste better.
    I feel great. I feel great.

  33. What about Bran Flakes, Bran Flakes do have wheat bran fiber, but they are still really healthy.

  34. I personally prefer cheerios because they have hardly any sugar (1g per serving) and are delicious.

  35. Is honey bunches of oats any good for you?

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