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Green Smoothie Diet Recipe

Cleanse your body with this healthy, yet tasty, green smoothie diet recipe. This & more recipes at http://blendhappy.com/ and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbR2fXH5bc8

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  1. If you like smoothies try this blend any fruit you like with yogurt and if you alargic to dairy product than try fruit and agave it will look like yogurt smoothies.My favorite is strawberry and banana with agave with little bit of whipped cream.

  2. you are so funny and full of life.. Thank you!!!

  3. I finally found your channel!!

  4. I love raw cucumbers with salt too lol and cucumber juice chases away parasites 😀

  5. At firsti didn't enjoy how you were going about it but after a bit I freaking love it lol 🙂 im going to make this soon!

  6. your recipes are really tasteful and I have to say you are gorgeous 

  7. Well thank you so much! I just want to have fun and show that being healthy can be fun too 🙂

  8. HealthNut Nutrition

    you are hilarious! love watching your videos!

  9. Yeah girl! Show those sexy legs!

  10. i love her personality…but the pretty face tho

  11. I really don't remember if I did, that video felt so long ago. I'm sure I did, I can't stand seeds. Then again, the blender will hack them up anyway.

  12. Do you seed the lemons first? Curious about that.

  13. Juiced Fennel? Why would you want to not use celery? 🙂

  14. Krisy, there is no fat in this recipe. Fruits and vegetables tend to not have at since they aren't in the "lipids" category of nutrition (unless it's avocado) but these are actually in the carbohydrate category, they give you natural energy!

  15. what can i use in place of cellary ?

  16. Kristal Orta Martinez

    How much fat is in this?

  17. You could, but after juice sits a while after it's been extracted, the nutrients are reduced.

  18. Marry me? lol

  19. ? I must have missed something!

  20. can you make a lot and keep it in the fridge?

  21. I'd go with both both are FANTASTIC!

  22. sure can!

  23. Great info and the background song fits your message…. Oh yeah you get a Like & Sub from ME 🙂

  24. Had some.. absolutely gorgeous.. got that cucumber taste with a zest of lemon. I did 2 big glasses worth.. I had all of it in 1 sitting, I hope that isn't bad? ha!

  25. Can't wait to try this! Glad I found this page!

  26. T'F I was looking into it for the cleansing but now I'm definitely doing it to see if I get that darn energy you have. Looking forward to it!

  27. Heather, you look very-very pretty

  28. I think you can have this anytime you want, it's a healthy choice for anytime

  29. can u have this for breakfast

  30. you are so cool

  31. Im scared….but I will try this maybe this week…

  32. How's S.D.!!!!!! Going out surfing?!?! The weather is perfect down there.

  33. Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate such kind words, you are awesome too! 😀

  34. brandyiloveu4ever

    BEST GREEN SMOOTHIE RECIPE ON YOU TUBE!!! I have subbed…you are awesome!! Thank you!

  35. Hannah Colmenares

    what about the smoothie that gets you energy like that

  36. Ahhhh I'm a smoothie person from now on, haha! I used to suffer from binge eating and food addiction and just when I thought nothing else can help I tried out the smoothies and added seeing a therapist to make sure I don't slip back – smoothies literally saved my life! So simple yet so effective. Keep up the good work 🙂

  37. LOL does it give you all that energy or is she just a hype person? Great recipe though.


  39. I'm really happy you enjoyed the recipe! Try my other Green Smoothie that has Almond Milk, Almond butter, banana, Kale and Spinach. It's my other "Green Smoothie"! I really appreciate your kind words! I just want to spread love, happiness, and health; Which I have tons of energy for 🙂

  40. I got a blender today and tried this; at first I was scared of the taste but OH MY GOD. Awesome. Thanks so so much for uploading the video and by the way, you're personality is brilliant, you're full of energy! xx

  41. omg its awsome like green lemonade so gooooooood!

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