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Full Day Of Eating | Healthy Paleo Breakfast Bowl

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0:00 – 0:53 – Aluna George X Flume – I Remember (TWERL FLIP)

3:34 – 4:18 – Kuz & Ayar – Hit The City (feat. William Singe)

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  1. BRAVO!!! kisses from paris!!!

  2. Katharine Smith


  3. Katharine Smith

    I had to stop she's to chatty and ammoying.

  4. Giordano Ghirardi

    What do you think about https://tinyurl.com/ppaalleeoo ?? For me is the best paleo diet!

  5. Hi all!
    What a nice Video! very straight to the point! The first time i've heard about the Paleo Diet was because of the amazing meat reciepes! the diet is very dificult to follow and you need alot of willpower to mantain it. I given up the diet 2 times but this time i'm doing it for about 7 months straight with no toxic food like sugars and processed foods! i've lost 19 pounds and i'm better that ever! This reciepe book helped me alot, highly recomend it:
    Bye Bye!

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  7. Kimberly Anilonis

    Can you do a video all about staying healthy in college/about your college carrier?

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  10. Omg I love protein bread!!!!!

  11. God damn I would love to see your full workout wardrobe. I have 2 pairs of leggings and that pretty much it

  12. You have such beautiful eyes !!! my gooooood

  13. You wearing blush when you're in the tie-dye shirt (w/ rolled sleeves)?

  14. i find it funny how you told ''it increase testosterone level'' but that's not true so dont worry :') i'm so used for it to be a good thing for me as a men that i laughed when i saw your point of view as a female on it

  15. Paleo is the BEST was on it only a month and a half and my body was the best looking it ever was. It's really all in the way you eat!

  16. Niamh UiCheallaigh

    @sarah_day Maca is brilliant at sorting out your hormones I love it, it works on the pitiurty gland in the brain, nourishing it which in turns corrects any imbalance in your body and maca is an adaptogen so adapts to what your body needs! which reminds me I need to get some

  17. Forgive me if I'm ignorant but isn't grains a no no in a paleo diet?

  18. Two whole meals, that was it?

  19. Suzzette Heather

    Breakfast is my favorite meal, too!

  20. Andrej Rudovski

    Probably you’ve all heard of Paleo diet or you have tried it so far. I’ve been having a weight issue for my whole life and I’ve tried a lot of different diets. But, I’ve realized that somehow I like the Paleo diet the most. I’ve bought a few books so far regarding Paleo diet, and I came across this one on the internet. So I bought this one too. I can say that the one thing that I like the best about this book is that you can find all the information you need about Paleo in one place, in one book, such as: meal plans, hacks for dining out, recipes… Plus, the results are imminent if you follow the instructions in the book. I’ve managed to lose weight in just some weeks and the key is that you can learn how to reduce just the extra fat and not to kill the nutrients and minerals in the body.
    Highly recommended!

  21. Wow amazing


  23. Catherine McFarlane

    did you know that sometimes when you think you want water you are actually hungry

  24. Mrs. DK Shustella

    I have a super great Protein I use that's totally Vegan and sometimes I use a great protein powder that's not Vegan. 🙂

  25. red maca is the best for woman hormones

  26. I just ate 6 cinnabons…

  27. Is sweet potato paleo?

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