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FULL DAY OF EATING FOR FAT LOSS | Meal by Meal, Macros & Recipe | Ep.4

So here is my Full Day of Eating for Fat Loss, This is my first of this series, showing you meal by meal, the macros, also a recipe for you to try. I talk about the reasons why I have changed things and reason for certain foods.

Recipe: https://gabriel-sey.myshopify.com/blogs/blog/gabe-fwanks-chicken-buritto-recipe


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  1. I really like the level of detail you go into. Thanks for the tips!

  2. William Bach Gislinge

    U seam nice, and ur right. So.. I subbed and belled

  3. dig thta art you got on the wall…i'm such a dork for city lights! 😀

  4. Yo fam straight gutta videos…keep up the great work B!

  5. Lol hearing this guy's voice makes me want to have a Jason Statham marathon

  6. Nice vid man! Funny and informative

  7. One of my favorite fitness accounts already! 😂

  8. Militated | ライト

    You happen to have that fancy written recipe for Gabe & Frank's burrito anywhere? 😅

  9. Lmao! When your 115 lbs 5 feet 1 inches female and eat just as much as a guy almost twice your weight! I have a huge ass appetite, and could probably blame it on my heavy lifting! Props to you brotha! Love your videos!

  10. at 3:25 what was ur mate drinking? didnt look like water? just generally curious.

  11. actually really entertaining video. not that i need much info, but i like them so i'll keep watching ur vids from now on :p

  12. Jonathan Harrell II

    @gabrielsey What do you do about your form when lifting with flat feet?

  13. Why is Mr Sey not in movies yet?

  14. Mate your hilarious i had to sub! Keep up the work bro.

  15. yeaaaah ive been trying to get more fit and eat healthy. this video pops up and hit the sub button as soon as you started making the burrito. I couldnt stop laughing.

  16. The F … how did I not knew this Channel before! Plus a sub 👏

  17. frank desjardins

    awesome video just found you on youtube i know right just discovered you damm anyway i will subscribe you are really awesome looking forward to watching your videos!! cheers from all the way from Canada!

  18. Holy crap your fricken amazing! Totally subscribed 😂

  19. Great information…

  20. Jacklyn Everage

    Anyway, your son sure is a cutie.

  21. Jacklyn Everage

    All this meal prep shit is a damn headache. I LOST WEIGHT EATING American southern SOUL FOOD. MY CULTURAL FOOD. How? I cooked all my meals at home. No fried food, no white potatoes, no white rice, no white bread, and no white sugar. I COOKED WITH ALL SORTS OF SEASONING. I cooked a lot of vegetables, ate a lot of salads, and I ate CORNBREAD. In other words, I didn't measure shit, I didn't count shit, I just ate natural, unprocessed foods. A typical meal for me was COLLARD GREENS, TURNIP GREENS, OR CABBAGE COOKED SOUL FOOD STYLE. Baked sweet potatoes or candied yams. I ate a lot of beans-black eyed peas, butter beans, field peas, etc…I ate corn, squash, etc….I HAD A SPREAD. What I noticed about the "health gurus" on here is that the meals are WACK. And cultural food traditions aren't even considered. I would hear people tell me what they eat, and I'm like for real? I would not want to be in your kitchen. Boring. There needs to be a balanced between eating healthy foods and MAKING THEM TASTE GOOD. I mean, brother, CAN YOU ACTUALLY COOK?

  22. That voice cracks me up every time man 😂

  23. Your a nice a guy, i liked the video, didn't understand the point o it + a view from me 👍take care

  24. “Mmm crispy” OMG THE WAY HE SAID IT LMAO 😂😂😂

    He reminds me of ComedyShortsGamer aka Deji so much

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  26. Dude. This is the first video of yours I have seen. This is fucking gold, entertaining and educational. You da fucking man.

    That accent you keep putting on too, had me in fucking stiches man.

  27. r u as natural as mike rashid?

  28. فوكس عراقي- Focus Iraqi

    5:04= when she says she is home alone

  29. Why do you weigh yourselves in lb if you're British

  30. BluntForceTrauma ss

    I like the burrito

  31. Awesome stuff, you’ve got yourself a new subscriber❗️

  32. I carry franks when I go out to eat with my white friends

  33. LMSAOSOOSSO im dying on the part about subscribing for the cheat day, first time seeing you man and im glad i clicked your video!

  34. @8:27 "I'm in love with the cocoa…"

  35. Chris Rodriguez

    Hey Gabe, do you ever do the intermittent fasting?

  36. Chris Rodriguez

    i fucked with him now just because he has no shame in his game to smash on the cocoa puffs.

  37. How did you make a cereal with 48g of protein, 7g of fats and 77 carbs.?? This I need to know anybody??

  38. Informative AND entertaining. Subbed!

  39. The spin class scene of you though lmaoo

  40. 6:45 -> 7:49 couldn't resist to subscribe any longer! lmao that accent is golden

  41. I’m about 5’ 10”300+ lbs and I’m 21 and I used to be 5’ 9” 172 lbs when I was 16 or so. I gained at least 130 lbs in a span of 5 Godforsaken years… I’d very much like to lose that much weight in a fraction of that time. Would a similar nutrition plan such as this help me do so?

  42. what is the music in your intro .0.16

  43. 5:20
    Def look both ways before crossing the street

  44. bro just found your channel, awesome stuff. can you help me?
    im in a weight loss stage at the moment, i have lost 2 stone and 9lbs since Jan 1st.
    I have purley been doing fat loss but now im weight training as well so seeing the visual weight loss slow massive.
    A guy at the gym told me not to be eating carbs after the gym no matter what the time? he said carbs only before sessionsin the gym? is that true?

    im struggle for food at the moment and struggling to shit this extra weight now.
    im weighing in at 111.5kg and im 6ft5 but have a lot of belly fat and moobs to lose?

  45. Your son is so adorable!! Such a cutie! Keep up the awesome videos!

  46. So much sugar… 🙁 We live on a planet of sugar addicts…

  47. I always watching yours video and i think is fck awesome .,;))

  48. Just subscribed, love the videos bro.

    Now about to take my training to reach super sayin.

  49. Elisabeth VELIN

    lol you have a good metabolism. I did not execpt this kind of food!

  50. first video ive seen from u. subscribed. I mean: the button is RIGHT THERE!!!

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