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Free Keto Diet Meal Plan For Women | Female Weight Loss Diet


*Includes recipes and nutrition facts

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Get the FREE Keto meal plan by clicking the link above!!! If you are interested in trying a keto lifestyle but aren’t sure what it will be like, enjoy this FREE meal plan with 4 menus and 3 bonus recipes with macro breakdowns and grocery lists!

If you want to benefit from low carb and high fat WITHOUT going keto, get the FULL program with over 270 menus, tons of recipes, and detailed protocols for accelerated and moderate fat loss as well as a lifestyle change. The macros are not disclosed in the FREE trial version. This program comes with a support group for 10 weeks as you will be granted access to the Team Gauge Girl private facebook group. Enjoy the FREE TRIAL and please share this with a friend 🙂

The Low Carb High Fat Protocol

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  1. Why is turkey bacon not allowed on this plan? I don’t eat pork

  2. BitterSweet Symphony

    Subscribed! Thank you…in my second Keto day! Doing for medical reasons, weight loss is just a perk for me. Hoping muscle and joint pain will reside so I can be active, and exercise!

  3. Liked you see video but it seems like keto is a very expensive diet to be on. Is there a lower cost plan?

  4. A video about meal plan without a meal plan

  5. How is avocado oil for keto? Thanks

  6. You are saving my life with this free meal plan. I haven’t had time to put my own together

  7. shormilee sengupta

    Hi I am super interested, interested, interested…. Can we connect… warm & best Rgds….

  8. Aww girl I haven’t seen anyone do a haul at what looks like shop rite lol

  9. Maria Magdalena

    Wow you look amazing

  10. Loved this video super helpful.

  11. Rebeccca Gonzales

    Just subscribed

  12. Rhodora Xavier

    What can I buy to substitute for bacon and keto diet fit for me I do have highblood pressure

  13. Hey, you went keto! Sweet! How long have you been doing this?

  14. What if I don’t eat pork or red meat nor dairy

  15. Theresa Ravenell

    What can I put in my tea

  16. You look like Katie Holmes.

  17. That's a great tip having the lady at the meat counter preportion your fish.

  18. Hey luv u video ,I would like ur free keto sheets plz

  19. Hmmm! Awesome info!

  20. You look like Jennifer Lopez BEFORE all of her plastic surgery.

  21. Perfect because I also have Shoprite near me

  22. This was a good grocery haul video. I wanted to add that purchasing wild caught salmon is indeed a way better option instead of being inbred in a “farm” where the fish are living in their own filth.. it’s awful. Also, kudos to another representing nitrate free bacon!!! Halo top is bad for keto but the brand Enlightened, which was right under Halo Top is normally between 5-7 net carbs per 1/2 scoop. I personally feel it tastes way better than the hype for Halo Top. There is no grit and it’s creamy and delicious! Def check it out!

  23. Do you recommend this instead of Macros or do you do it in conjunction?

  24. Guys, guys, guys

  25. Go vegan and if it,s hard for you be a vegeterian, that works much better. Real meat can also be a human meat would you eat that, well meat is meat animal or human what is the difference? They both have a life and live, so you have to kill them to eat them. Meat eater shares the crime of murder.

  26. fortnite kid 187

    Enlighten icecream is better then halo

  27. Christina Alexis

    Two questions. What if I’m lactose intolerant? What can I use as a replacement for dairy?

    And is it okay to use unflavored coconut oil?

  28. Thank you for this. Very insightful. Will do. I love using blue cheese on salads I hope that's keto?

  29. What if you don't eat pork bacon. Can you still do turkey or beef?

  30. I love the concept of the Keto diet and was doing it for a while, but was hard to sustain because I don't eat dairy and I don't eat pork. Which is like the MAIN ingredients for Keto diet apparently. I ended up eating a LOT of avocado, eggs, nuts, and nut oils to take place of the fat I needed.

  31. Sabrina Caceres

    Thanks, for such a great video, because you talk about what you are getting, why and what to get! Whats hard for me thou is that I use the exact same product you just showed count my macros and have only lost but 7 lbs in 3 months and no more lbs or no inches either …

  32. Margaret Johnston


  33. I am pretty sure you can find good solutions on Woo&Pep page, great for health 🙂

  34. Joannah Sultana

    Thank you Christine

  35. I check a lot of diet handbooks. This one from Woo&Pep is the best.

  36. hatd to be on keto when u dont eat meat or dairy

  37. Boudicca Davies

    Thank you so much! While I love mushrooms I'm not allowed to eat them – low fodmaps atm 😢 any one got a replacement suggestion?

  38. I thought you had to consume night shades in small moderation on a keto diet, is that not true?

  39. Wild caught salmon is better because it's higher in Omega fats.

  40. thanks for the tips! my wife loves this page. she found some great information that really went in-depth on the full effects of ketogenic diets on the female body http://bit.ly/2oFiokO hope this helps

  41. Katrin Eskandary

    god are you awesome or what. thank you so much!!!!!

  42. I know you're in Philly.. which ShopRite is that? I like what they offer.

  43. Rusha Robinson

    Thank you so much for the free meal plan I’ll do a before and after pic for u💕❤️💕

  44. red bell peppers contain lot of sugar

  45. Kellie Jimenez

    I’m doing an aip protocol not doing well.
    I have leaky gut . Candida over growth and food intolerances. So I’d love to try a meal plan from you have any for these issues ?

  46. Lady, you bought battery cage eggs. Yet you care about happy cows? Get the cheap cheese instead of the expensive artesan stuff, and white button mushrooms instead of portobello and use that money to get some humane free-range, or at least cage-free eggs!

  47. She picked the most expensive stuff in the store.

  48. Rosemary DiRisio

    I noticed it's not organic foods !!…and salami is my weakness ..but it's a no no !!..dangerous for cancer!…true or not??..🤔

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