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Fitness for Women Over 50

How should you train and eat if you are a woman over 50?

Today’s episode is a workout and interview with Jessica’s mom Desiree who is 58 years old, sharing some of her wisdom on how she has gotten into the best shape of her life in her late 50’s

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  1. Wow ur mom lucky she dont have knee pain

  2. God bless you and your mother ❤

  3. Hello Ma'am, I was wondering if you could make a video for woman who are over 50 and are extremely obese like BMI around the 28-30 range. Please this would be very helpful.

  4. Pls consider doing a vid for over 50 women who haven't worked out in a long time and want to start a daily exercise routine. I can't even do the warm up to this one. Would love to look like your mom!

  5. awsome!

  6. Sangeeta Srivastav

    U all are taking always lean people for exercise
    Why dont u try with people with weoght issues?

  7. I'm your mom's age and really appreciate this video. So much of the fitness and nutrition info is by and for younger people. It's WONDERFUL to see stuff for us post menopausal gals.

  8. Hello, my name is Claudia. You are looking amazing, and I totally agree with you that eating the right food can help. It is fact that when you do not eat sugar that you look younger. I have an underactive Thyroid and gained over 40 pounds. I am 6 foot and was at my worsed time by 232 pounds. I did not even eat the food, only by looking at it, I gained. After my doctor told me what I had to do, I cut out all sugar, all wheat products, because on top I got a mouth yeast infection due to antibiotics. My immune system was not working at that time, and everything came together. I changed my eating habits entirely and have to say that you will not die when eating no burgers, pizza, pasta, and sugar. You will find other types of food/vegetables that you are allowed to eat, and it works. I dropped 75 pounds and wanted to lose 20 more. I am 6foot and now by 162 pounds. My goal is it to reach 135 pounds. You both are an inspiration, and I will stay focus because my health changed for the better after cutting out sugar and fast foods. Thank you so much. Claudia Schmidt

  9. Rebecca Richardson

    Really great video. I was looking for something to get my over 50, slightly pudgy body back in shape. These exercises look doable.

  10. I love this chanel, you inspire me everyday to continue !

  11. Bevybabydoll Adams

    You both look great!!! I'm 52 and I started my journey last year and found that I look better now. I do, however; have problems with my knees. Can you give advice or do a video that show how to perform alternative exercises to prevent knee injuries?

  12. you just have to train smarter when you get older
    nice video ladies

    btw,, I am 162 years old. but I feel great
    take care

  13. Beacause when i do legs training it hurts very bad.and i have to take 3 to 4 days break in a row. What should i do…dear jessica

  14. Should i continue my weight training i am in my 40's.

  15. I look up videos for obese over 50 women with type 2 diabetes and I can't find any that I can start out doing.  My body hurts, my feet hurt and even your warm up is something I cannot do at this point.  I have to start out very easy and slowly but cannot find anything I can start out with that won't make me feel like it's too much for me and want to give up.  At my weight of 270, I see excerise as so daunting and overwhelming.  Help!

  16. Don't drink, smoke and tan. Eat healty.

  17. I’m putting together a workout routine for my Mom and this is excellent. Awesome video great workout!

  18. I’m taking this vid to the gym with me!

  19. Mom do your thing!

  20. SHe looks amazing, I need to make changes.no matter what age they say that if you start working out regularly you'll start looking younger, inside and out.

  21. Yoga runs anathema to strength. True strength and yoga don't mix. The most flexible people are, by definition, not the strongest.

  22. Although it's obvious your both super fit, you should state it's for the ADVANCED, so us every day 50+ don't waste our time.

  23. so many meme exercises lol.

  24. Beach Town Reseller

    Your mom is gorgeous!

  25. is there any truth on the say that over 50 you should change the type of excesises because of the hormone effect they can cause? like not doing cardio…. or situps… etc

  26. So inspiring!!

  27. Can you do a workout video for women over 50 who are out of shape and have bad knees?

  28. Just tried to buy your cookbook online, through clickbank nothing and s happening. How do I buy your cookbook?

  29. Great video! Finnally a video for woman over forty

  30. Nice! Thank you

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