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Fitness Blender Fast Abs – 8 Minute Abs Workout

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  1. These workouts make great work or study breaks! I love your videos!

  2. Just 8mins but it work well really

  3. Any one cramping?? I can’t move

  4. i did the workout….it was worth the time!

  5. Did anyone get abs from doing this daily? If so how long did you do it for until you got results?

  6. The plank is a great example of looks can be deceiving! 😩😫 fuck that was hard and painful!

  7. Ouch!!! Great ab workout

  8. alexandra miller

    Thank you so much! I have been looking for quick but effective home workouts. I am not overweight but just want to get more “fit” like I used to be when I did ballet! Thank you for the motivation and workouts! 🙂

  9. this is yhe hardest out of all ythe ab workouts have to keep going til its as easy as the others

  10. Denise Abi Saber

    Done! 👊👊👊👊

  11. LynseyCallahan Workouts

    Just what I was looking for to round out my work out session for the day!

  12. try this:
    50 crunches
    2 min plank
    50 russian twists
    30 reverse crunch

  13. Sylvianne Delaney

    Good, tough workout. Could tell it was from years ago. You're much better at queuing now & offering modifications early in the exercise. Love your workouts xo

  14. Denise Abi Saber

    Nice one! Done guys

  15. How many calories does this one burn?

  16. It works

  17. Amandeep Bhullar

    Give easy exercise to loose tummy and thigh fat



  19. I only found fitness blender six weeks ago your workouts are amazing, I had an arm op can only work on legs you have saved me, I used to go to the gym five days a week. Thank you

  20. This is a killer workout! My body hurts so much.

  21. How could anybody do this this incredibly painful I’m just starting to work out and this is ridiculous. I wouldn’t recommend it

  22. loved this one; first time doing most of those exercises; very effective; and not boring at all

  23. Christina Hidalgo

    good moves! feeling that on my tummy and legs! yes.

  24. don't know if it was meant to be used this way, but it made for a good burnout round

  25. I'm a guy can I do this routine?

  26. I love your work out videos..😁😁😁..I just start doing the video and let me tell you it does the job for me!!! thank you both for grate videos I can work out to..

  27. Bouchirah MOHAMED

    "Workout complete"🙌🙌🙌

  28. 180817

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