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Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout – High Intensity Interval Training with Warm Up & Cool Down

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  3. I can finish without pause..amazing!!! I'm so proud of me! LOL

  4. How many calo we will burn if we do it?

  5. Start @ 2:55

  6. I will do it 4 weeks 5 times a week, lets see how will change my body , cuz jelly looks just perfect

  7. You got this!

  8. هدى الرحمن

    انا الوحيدة بتكلم عربي


  10. I did sweat a lot by doing this workout, so it fulfilled what it had promised. Nonetheless it is an unbalanced workout though. There's a lot of lower body work here but no really upper body part. That's why I'm a bit disappointed with this workout.

  11. Thankyou so much FB. You changed my life

  12. 140618

  13. Thanks kelly ! It’s been a month, i’m doing your workouts and so far i’ve lost 4.5 kgs. 😃😃 doings these workouts almost daily and sweating like hell. I just love your tiring workouts !! Much love from Pakistan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. I felt my heart beating in my throat 😂 didn't take any breaks tho 👏🏼

  15. So many squats and lunges, too many.

  16. Loved it. Hopefully I don't need a bath now. Lol.

  17. I do two sets of each instead of 4. So I rest twice as long. Aim is to be able to get through the work out first then I can add some reps back in.

  18. Out of shape trainer

  19. short but killer lol! earned a Workout Complete with this one.😅

  20. Workout complete 28.05.2018 – 4.53am #FB30

  21. Workout complete May 20th 2018!

  22. 2018 and this workout still is awesome!

  23. Trine Rein Official

    Awesome work out! Thank you! Also, makes me feel not so terrible when I can hear you are also out of breath during the work out. Thumbs up! 🙂

  24. 010518

  25. Thank you!😊

  26. I have asthma and I hate cardio, why do I do this to myself

  27. Cervantes TheBOSS

    I love this! Im on here once a day getting my sweat on.

  28. Trying to burn off the cake i had today 🙊🙊

  29. 180418 Holy crap😵😵😵😵

  30. Those kicks and squats have me feeling super sore today… A good sore though! Great video. And thanks for not including music in the background so I can play my own music 🙂

  31. Noora Reifenheiser

    i loved this workout! it really made me sweat!

  32. It took me about 30 minutes to do this because i took a couple of breaks but still did this!

  33. Cheryl Theodorou Abela

    Loved this workout, thanks!

  34. Rajalakshmi Ramajayam

    Wow excellent workout….

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