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Exercises to Reduce the Tummy After a C-Section Delivery

Exercises to Reduce the Tummy After a C-Section Delivery. Part of the series: LS – Training In & Out of the Gym. It’s really important after you have a C-section to work on your core muscles but you should never start any exercise before speaking to your doctor first. Find out about exercises to reduce the tummy after a C-section delivery with help from a serious fitness professional in this free video clip. Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/video/1010966-exercises-reduce-tummy-after-csection-delivery/

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  2. Hii mam now I m 5 month after my c section delivery and I haven't use any belt for my post belly whether this exercise will help. Me to reduce my belly

  3. Its to hard.. I fel pain in back nd at c section area while doing it😐

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  5. does this work 2 years after having a c section I just want to get rid my that little pouch I have that goes over my scar

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  7. How often should I do these exercises?

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  11. Very interesting

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  13. who is this woman in the video?

  14. priyanka baraskar

    Dear i want to ask u can i havr hearble life as i m feeding my baby

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