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Eating a Healthy Breakfast

Holly Firfer gets healthy ideas from a registered dietitian on what a good breakfast should be.

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  1. Anybody know what is Fenoboci Diet Plan about? I hear a lot of people burn their weight with this popular fat burn methods.

  2. microwaved eggs what a joke

  3. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Holy cant eat anything before lunch because her belly is still full of wine from the night before and has a hang over.

  5. what kind of dietitian would recommend microwaving eggs and vegetables not only is that extremely unhealthy it also tastes nasty

  6. i e🍴t p🐱ssy for breakfast

  7. English breakfast is the best: some eggs and bacon. All the energy you need 😉

  8. Bacon fried in Lard with deep fried french fries and omlette.

  9. The McDougal Bugle

    Intermittent fasting tops all this crap

  10. The McDougal Bugle

    Breakfast is stupid. There's no reason to break your fast when you're not hungry. When you're in a fasted state, your growth hormone increase, testosterone increases, you have better insulin sensitivity and you give your liver a break. Constantly eating from the moment you get up and every hour until right before bed will wreck havoc on your hormonal health, sleep and cognitive abilities.

  11. Packaged lazy food!!! Make women even more lazy ??? Smh

  12. U can never skip breakfast because the first thing you eat in the day is when u break ur fast!

  13. I can't take her seriously after she said to microwave veggies. What's the point of eating them if they are nuked :/

  14. Unhealthy crap advice! Plant based only is healthy. Stupid

  15. I notice dietitians always give crappy diet advice.

  16. Real smart. Put it in the microwave and kill all of the nutrients……. Get rid of the microwave.

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