Thanks for watching! I hope you love these easy vegan breakfasts for school or work! Whether you have a bit of time in the morning or are rushing to get somewhere, these breakfasts are perfect for you! The are easy, quick to make, filling and DELICIOUS! 🙂

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MUSIC: Ehrling : I Feel Good

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  1. Okay I just needed to share this after I invented it the other day
    Bannoffee porridge😜
    Mash up half a banana and mix it with your oats. Add a splash of plant milk and some water, mix it all up and microwave it for around 2 minutes but keep an eye on it so it doesn't overflow. Take it out and stir it up then cut up the other half of the banana and put it on top then drizzle with salted caramel or vegan dulce de leche

  2. yay thanks i did the smoothie ps it's really good thanks!

  3. You are like a mix of Paris Jackson and Noah Cyrus

  4. bAAAAAAgel

  5. Um I’m just going to eat Cashews and an apple or banana and drink water. I’ll get the stuff to prepare stuff like that asap.

  6. Love your channel! I always come across it! I’m not vegan (yet) But vegan breakfast and lunch is easy for me to maintain and gives me energy. I think one reason I don’t want be is because my friend always lectures me on it since she started last year. I’m too proud to let her think she’s the reason why.. but it’s not! I swear! Haha

  7. Yes more breakfast recipes!!

  8. "bagals" xD

  9. Paola Vargas Gutierrez

    Where do you buy the vegan cheese and cream?

  10. Kushwinder Singh 946

    thank you mam

  11. you're not a vegan because you put cheese in your dishes

  12. I'm sorry you say bagel funny lol

  13. this is my 5th day being a vegan

  14. really good ideas! i'll make these for work. Looks very delicious (:

  15. I LOVE Your Account 😍

  16. who thinking about going vegan now 😁

  17. ciara and the husky

    I'm vegan Im also 11

  18. pico de gallo would be so much more favorable than that salsa in there.

  19. Yes please and thank you. I am just becoming vegan and i appreciate all recipes can be contacted at yolandaysmith247@gmail.com. Blessings…

  20. Vegan diet is not using animal products so why the cheese?

  21. Please make another video of vegan breakfast for school

  22. Don't you just hate it when you finally meet the perfect girl but she just so happens to b a YouTuber that lives in another country thousands and thousands of miles away?

  23. How hard has your day been? On a scale of 1 to Liv trying to get the sweet potatoes off the counter. Jk ily

  24. As a meat eater that bagel sandwich was really good.

  25. I'm not trying to be rude. But do you want play bahgel?

  26. why do have two rings on one finger

  27. Dont bagels have dairy?… and dairy has milk… i thought vegans dont drink milk from anilmals. im confused


  29. hannah does everything

    did anyone else notice that at 3:18 and 3:27 there that green thing on the tortilla is one of those twist ties

  30. your videos are so nice to listen to while doing homework. It's very calming.

  31. i love the way she says bagel and pasta. so cute.

  32. Hahaha the way you say bagel

  33. Yes more vegan recipes… ..

  34. What sort of calories do these breakfasts have? they look super good but I have set calories for each meal so I get equal amounts of nutrients and it's what my body's adjusted to 🙂

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