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Double Chocolate Avocado Brownies | Clean & Delicious

These Double Chocolate Avocado Brownies are perfect for lunch-boxes and afternoon coffee breaks!

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  1. I just made it very light and yummy mine has a little bitter taste maybe because i used carob powder and i don't have maple syrup i substitute honey and add some walnuts on top..thank you ms.dani💖💖

  2. I tried this and it is awesome. I added two sweet apples instead of the apple sauce and used some almond to make almond floor and it was phenomenal.

  3. Ms.dani hi! I really love your recipes,can i replace maple syrup to coconut sugar?.thank you very much

  4. Can u please tell me what u mean by large avocado (in cups or oz or some measurement)? Pls and thank you

  5. OMG! I just made these and they are amazing!!!! best recipe ever. Almost wish I didn't try them because i'll want to make these all the time.

  6. Made these as well tonight. I used agave in replacement of the maple syrup as it was what I had available. These are heavy like a brownie but are moist light when they hit your mouth. I tasted a bit of banana but one of my secrets is to add a bit of coffee to the mix to enhance the chocolate taste. I think your recipes are great and have me thinking about other flours, butters, seeds. I grew up on the staples of flour, butter, eggs, cream or lard for baking. Now I experiment with coconut oil, chia seeds, almond milk, coconut sugar and flour. I think outside of the box and thanks to your recipes I feel confident to try new ingredients. Who knew chia seeds could be used as a substitute for eggs, amazing.

  7. This looks delicious! Is it gluten free?

  8. Yummy, looks delicious! I love double chocolate and the different options you give

  9. Maureen Beeswanger

    Hi Dani can you swap out the eggs for chia eggs

  10. I love avocado but I never thought of using it in a brownie that is awesome. Question as far as baking goes I prefer to use egg whites, will that work with this and if so will I use that same amount of eggs or need to add more?

  11. Can I use sugar free syrup or Splenda instead of the maple syrup? Also, what if somebody is not a fan of apple sauce nor bananas? What other substitution would you recommend?

  12. Hey Dani can i put the batter to cook in a muffin tray instead. Like this i know there will be no cheating and every1 will have at least 1 muffin. 😉

  13. My God i can eat this all at once.

  14. I want to make this recipe! Could you please give the measurements in grams?

  15. Can I use agve sirup? Os ir healthy?

  16. Would substituting almond flour for coconut flour work? Thank you!

  17. cannot do the eggs vegan

  18. Can I use oat flour in stead of coconut flour?

  19. how many calories per brownie

  20. How long do these brownies stay good for?

  21. If use oat flour how much to use?

  22. Made this recipe last night because I couldn't sleep. Woke up and was surprised that it was so moist. And it was pretty good.

  23. Can I use coconut sugar in this recipe?

  24. Hye I tried out the recipe with half and half coconut and almond flour and 1tbsp milk..it was really good😍😍

  25. I made them for my husband and I, they are so delicious!!

  26. looks so good!!!

  27. can i use oats flour instead of coconut flour

  28. cняιѕтιηє

    I love how easy, safe, and delicious this recipe is. My mom is really picky when it comes to healthy recipes and she was pleasantly surprised by this! Tysm, you've definitely earned a subscriber <3

  29. Thanks for sharing this! I'm lactose intolerant so knowing I can use an alternative to butter, which happens to be a healthy fat is really awesome!!

  30. Valentina Monsuarez

    Replaced coconut flour with oat bran, delicious

  31. Wow💕💖💖💖☯😍🎶🎊😆😋

  32. I would sprinkle with unsweetened coconut flakes and mix the choco chips into the batter.

  33. The Procrastinator Cook

    Your channel is awesome! is there a way to reduce the amount of sugar? maybe use dates or stevia??

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