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Diet Recipes To Lose Weight

The best diet recipes to lose weight are low fat and high fiber whole foods. When you use natural whole food recipes in your weight loss program you will be able to stick with your diet longer and keep the weight off forever! A good diet does not leave you starving to death. This diet recipe is perfect to include in your weight loss plan because it will fill you up even when it is low in calories. A good diet recipe will fill you up so that you do not eat too much making it easier to lose weight. It is affordable and easy to make. The 6 Week diet includes many diet recipes that keep you satisfied so that you can stick with you dieting plan.

Deborah Bixler is committed to making a distinction in family vigor through nutrition and wellness instruction. Using excellent for you food choices and good food cooking lessons, Bixler teaches families fun, fast and whole food mealtime plans so that they can spend more quality time celebrating good for you foods and live a long and healthy life.

Deborah provides vigorous living workshops to businesses, schools, organizations and not for profit groups. Curriculums are designed for each presentation taking into consideration special needs and circumstances of the group’s goals. As a wellness and health living lecturer Deborah’s cooking classes focus on fun, fast and health recipes and healthy living tips. Some of the many special needs cooking lessons that she has created for organizations have included diabetic, autism, vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, gluten free, heart healthy and more. Deborah provides whole food recipes for your attendees in attendance and a call to act so that the audience actually make changes in their lives. For natural food free heatlhy recipes click:

In addition to good for you cooking programs Deborah has many other presentations available include school health and wellness assemblies, corporate weight loss programs, health and wellness programs for school’s in-service days, parent teacher programs and fundraisers with a healthy flair. Whether you are looking for a healthy workshop, a cooking class, a diet program or an ongoing employee health and wellness presentation, http://www.debbixler.com/nutrition-education.html.com is the place to find it.

Deb’s Wow! diet online program is a real food way of living that will bring you more energy, the perfect weight and a extended life without a being hungery. Sold to individuals or as a corporate weight loss event, the 6 Week diet system will change your life with small, certainly do-able changes on a daily basis that will add up to a huge impact.

Graduated as a Culinary Chef at the Culinary Institute Of America and a graduate of the Hotel Restaurant Management curriculum at Luzerne County Community College, Deborah prospered in a successful career in the customer service trade. As a associate of the School Nutrition Association and a certified teacher for the National Restaurant Association’s ManageFirst curriculum, Deborah teaches wellness to all grade levels from kindergarten through college level culinary programs.

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