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Day 2 diet recipe, diet recipe to cure autism

1 medium-onion (chopped in little peaces) when fraying onlion and Carrots add (1/2 TESP salt, 1TBS basil, 1/2 TESP pepper, mix it
3 medium-carrots (shredded)
2 garlic glows ( crushed)
2 cups rice

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  1. hello can you tell me how is your child now ?

  2. Pls keep doing what you doing only God and hard work can heal your children I know how hard itis everyday 🙏

  3. You can't cure autism it will be there for his/her rest of there life you need to understand that I'm a clinic Phycologist so I know

  4. Day 2 gluten, sugar, preservatives free diet recipe for autism

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