Crossfit challenge for four top UK athletes. Redman, Hugo, Matt and Leon are four guys with a passion for fitness whose usual training is based on lifting weights in the gym. Here, they take on one of the most exciting and challenging forms of training to emerge in the last few years. Crossfit is a tough workout for the whole body, heart and lungs, with a variety of exercises which are designed constantly to challenge the body.
The guys are Hugo, Redman Neale, Leon Williams and Matt Sallis. Check them out on Facebook.

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  1. Debajyoti Chanda

    The best way to workout your whole body functionally, mentally, physically and spiritually is to not just focus on rather a single body part but on the whole body – upper & lower, and doing the upper-lower-upper-lower workouts simultaneously in a single session. That way the body will respond collectively as a whole and grow in all directions.

    I always find martial arts, calisthenics with occassional crossfit routines to be exceptionally productive for my overall body functions as opposed to weightlifting only, no offense to bodybuilder enthusiasts…P.S. practicing martial arts and calisthenics since 2 years and more.

  2. Thomas Glauninger

    I hatte crossfit😬

  3. 4:54 He looks insanely like Collin Farrell

  4. If all crossfit was like this it wouldn't have the bad rep it has. This actually looks like a workout instead of a circus

  5. fitness is not just for young guys. I am 67 yrs young and workout daily. A lot of us " old guys" are into fitness 💪👊

  6. fitness is not just for young guys. I am 67 yrs young and workout daily. A lot of us " old guys" are into fitness 💪👊

  7. Nasenspuelkaennchen

    Black man with best genetics. Very nice body.

  8. Mia the dreamer

    Hahahahahaha most comments are, " why are they shirtless " ? C'mon peeps, they are sexy, admit it..

  9. Сила и Красота

    nice body, perfect training. Cool!!!

  10. YOU'RE MUCH MORE FITTER LOOKING COMPARED TO "crossfit" athletes. With their "Roided Out" Bellies.

  11. 300 movie should have hired crossfit men!!!!!!

  12. Do this and you risk damaging your joints. Wise up and get the book Body by Science. Lift slow. Train to get stronger. Nautilus is best. Keep a progress chart to guide you.

  13. Bros can u give me chorus to be like your body coz I have big fucking stomach and my weight it 72kg and my height it 166cm please

  14. Mohammed Aldossary

    Calisthenics baby 🙂 

  15. Tried this at the Gym this morning but had to swap the battle ropes for kettle bells 😉 did 1 mins four rounds 30 sec rest after the four exercises  🙂 mind not as heavy as these guys. Good workout though will be doing again soon. Thanks Fella's

  16. Please reply to the post. Some are important like how do you achieve that physique and is that the real exercises you usually do to reach that physiques? Please clarify.

  17. good job boys hehe!

  18. the future is fit

    It would be good for you clarify that most of you have done regular gym work to attain your physique. And this video is something that you normally do not do. Am i correct?

  19. bom, good, amei, love!

  20. They dont let us workout shirtless in my gym. May i should try one of these cross fit gyms

  21. Prabakaran Sathrugnan

    dear sir, can you advice on the food intake. whats for breakfast, lunch and dinner – Asian Menu( Malaysia ) 

  22. Good One!

  23. i think i do that in football training

  24. change my mind in cross fit

  25. Abdelouahab abdo

    I like it + + +

  26. Everything the guys are saying sounds like there usual training is traditional weight lifting, hense the muscular build. Cross training is something you can do in between to get rid of that annoying extra time you have.

  27. What I wanna know is how do they get bodies like that? Is it from just that work out? Or what is it?

  28. They are shirtless because 1. Men can be shirtless. 2. They look great so they can. 3. You fucking overheat doing this stuff.

  29. Praveen Kongkham

    i like this game,……………

  30. jean-muscu

  31. Shirtless because they have bodies of the gods, even a bloke can apreciate this

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