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Connor Murphy Six Pack Abs Workout

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  1. nice Super bhai

  2. Spotted a monkey at 4:26

  3. Body of a god. Mind of a child.

  4. Hi Connor, Very nice videos how much days in a week are you doing this workout? greetings, Xander

  5. I got a six pack just watching it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Connor how many time(s) u doing abs workout/week ? Im a new subscriber btw

  7. Looks pretty good but needs to work on the lower abs

  8. You're the bedt

  9. Conner you're my hero dude

  10. fake all things don

    He you look like a hero

  11. JUICE


    Reps and Sets for each exercise?

  13. for more info check it out https://bit.ly/2sZVTIK

  14. Honestly, you are doing ab wheel like a noob ^^

  15. Connor tell me your whole day diet.. you have a nice physics and ABS…

  16. How do you get those crazy obliques?!

  17. I like you body

  18. Last one ! Spiderman leg raise ?

  19. Peter Zejda Fitness

    Barbie's full name is Barbra Millicent Roberts.

  20. How did you make you abs

  21. Adamın kası yok, kasın adamı var amına koyayım.

  22. Very well

  23. We don’t need to see his abs, to know what ab exercises he does lmao

  24. This guy is lying lol, cause by his face smiling

  25. ਸਚਿਨ ਬੱਗਾ

    U r great

  26. Akshay kumar gauttam

    middling work

  27. can you do a guide on how to get abs like yours?

  28. Perfect body connor Murphy👌❤
    Love that music😊😊😊

  29. Is he natural…

  30. Don't think i've seen this answer anywhere in your videos Connor, but what's your current body fat %?

  31. 2:16 when you're drunk but still trying to dance at the club

  32. I am an indian a big fan of yours pls once come to india for a video .u have an amazing body

  33. Hope you make video punch abs


    Murphy fan hit like

  35. Why does this d-bag has too many abs?

  36. his abs used to be much better

  37. Hi Connor, you mention that 2 or 3 times a week, how about we do it daily, is it got any problem ?

  38. Posing asss bitch

  39. U are my biggest motivation

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