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Clean Eating Beef Meatloaf Recipe

Who says meatloaf can’t be Clean & Delicious? This recipe will make you a believer! Try serving it along with this Rutabaga Mash: http://www.danispies.com/archives/sides/rutbaga_mash_and_some_turkey_d.php

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I hope you guys try this and like it as much as I do! Also ...


  1. I come back to this recipe a lot… would you mind listing the ingredients and measurements in the description? I know this is old. Hopefully you see it! 😋

  2. thank you for sharing, came out great!

  3. What a great recipe Dani…I love adding minced veggies to bulk up meatloaf and add moisture…I also like to form mine in the loaf pan but then unmold it before baking so the entire outside gets browned and there's more surface area for the glaze…but I love this recipe and your channel😊😊😊👏👏👏

  4. delicious

  5. This looks good, but I will probably use turkey as red meat is very dangerous for us women.

  6. this looks delish!

  7. Deplorable Snowcloud

    I made this last night and it is awesome! The best meatloaf I've ever made or had. Even my son, who is extremely picky about food, loved it! He didn't even know there was zucchini in it.

  8. Great video! I made this, and I loved the great rich flavor!!

  9. Would EzeKiel sesame seed bread work? I hate to buy a whole loaf of whole wheat just for this recipe.

  10. Ever since you posted this video in 2011 iv been making this for my family several times a month!! I just came back to watch the video to see if you gave any other vegetable suggestions since I always use the zucchini. When you said you were pregnant in the beginning of the video I was like awwww! I remember the very first time I watched this video and now that was like almost 5 years ago!

  11. sooooooo much sodium !

  12. tastes good.

  13. It looks so good


  15. Instead of bread or crackers I use 1 cup of cook quinoa(1/2 c dry) and 1 grated zucchini(liquid squeezed out)  to 1 lb. of ground sirloin, turkey or chicken

  16. My meatloaf always falls apart and I don't use half of the liquid you did. Any ideas?

  17. I'm going to try this with ground turkey

  18. I forgot too add milk ugh hope it turns out good

  19. I don't make the topping

  20. How bout with just a side of mashed cauliflower ;D

  21. what cut of beef is best for this?

  22. Cool video, well presented,… and looks great! Can't wait to try it.

  23. Yum!! I'm making this tonight! 😀

  24. Hey Dani – I came across your videos and LOVE them. Very informational, and helpful in coming up with delicious, clever and HEALTHY foods.

    One tip I could offer you is in your oil issue that you described. If you want to avoid the aerosol cans, they DO have cans you can fill with your own oils – and you pump the top and it uses air pressure (as opposed to propellants) to expel the oil. It's done me very good, and cut down on oil waste and overuse 🙂

  25. Thanks for your videos. I just found your youtube channel today and tried the backed chicken breasts and they turned out great. I have a question about the meat loaf. I cook in bulk and freeze into individual servings and was wondering if your meatloaf will freeze well once its cooked and sliced? Also the few time I've cooked meatloaf, I've had trouble with too much fat on the sides of the loaf pan. Would it help if I use a bigger casserole dish and shape into a loaf so the fat drains away, thx

  26. I love your videos!

  27. in new york i saw that coffee poster on the street… i was tempted to buy it lol

  28. Meatloaf is a HUGE hit at our house.. And I make it the exact sameway.. However the sauce I throw alittle bit of nutmeg into mine & YUMMM, my son & I throw a bit of grated swiss cheese on ours..It's pretty heavenly! You're right about meatloaf..it goes good at anytime..being a sandwich to leftovers.. Congratulations on your pregnancy when are yous due to have the little one? Anyways good luck with everything..Take care of you & yours

  29. Looks delicious !!!


    I'm 48 and I have never made meatloaf, but I'm making this tonight!!
    P.S. Congrats on being preganant again. You look beautiful 🙂

  31. a new mic would be awesome 🙂 but superthanks for the recipie

  32. Hi Dani,
    i love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!! you should join the youtubechanel "hungrynation" to get even more subcribers like you deserve it
    Do you use the microphone in the camera it´s sounds so raspy

  33. Just wanted to let you know I always enjoy your videos! Your food always looks amazing. I'm always on the lookout for more clean recipes.

  34. I'd love to try this one for my children…..

  35. i cant eat dairy because of allergies, i wonder if i could make this without milk? looks good though!

  36. I LOVE the new video! And, i love this recipe!

  37. GIRLl…where you i havent seen your video's in a while omg your pregnant again congratulations!!

  38. I have never seen those spray olive oils in finland, and we prevent the sticking exactly how your husband cleverly invented, just by brushing the oil in.. 🙂

  39. you're pregnant again?! congratulations Dani! holy moly! you waste no time haha.

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