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Breakfast Ideas – ASIAN STYLE EGGS & RICE

Here’s an easy and quick healthy breakfast idea using eggs and rice! I eat this all the time and at any time of day, usually a post workout meal. =)

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  1. Can I use bread instead of rice???

  2. Paper towel looks like a good idea but what about putting rice in the bag since rice does absorb moisture

  3. Nefiteria Richmond

    I just ate eggs and rice yummy😛

  4. Good for you for sticking to what works for you😘You are so pretty 😊

  5. Haha ok I have to stop watching all of your food videos! Making me hungry! I just like your style because I am similar with the rice and eggs….and rice because I'm Korean and grew up with rice ery day all day 🏋😜 thanks for sharing. It's fun to see someone real about what they eat.

  6. Lily you are so cute!

  7. Yummy! You're making me hungry 🙂

  8. looks good, going to give this a try

  9. FastingFiesta !

    You are brave! two thirds cup dry rice is 485 calories,

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