Hey guys! This is just an informative video for people who want to start lifting but is too intimidated and don’t know where to start. I hope some of you find this video informative and helpful, Peace & Love 🙂

Russ – Off The Strength
Russ – What They Want
Logic – 44 Bars
Steve Aoki & Rune RK – Bring You To Life (Transcend) (Feat. RAS) (Vibe Remix)


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  1. This helped me out a lot! Haha I was going in clueless

  2. Please don't put the rap crap in the background for those of us who hate this shit!!

  3. Bro wrist wraps in planet ? Smh

  4. I appreciate that this is an actual helpful video and not just making fun of pf…. I don’t understand when it became cool to make fun of planet fitness… like everyone was a beginner at some point

  5. I thought you were davidparody xDxdxd

  6. I want to look like you. Props. Body goals + me = you.

  7. This was a good video I'd workout with ya bro you seem to know what you doing Ima sub hope you keep uploading

  8. Pay the extra bit of money for a better gym. PF doesn’t have very useful equipment, outside of a few machines. Limited dumbbells, no barbells. Solely using a Smith machine could lead to injuries in the future. You look strong enough already that you’ll require better equipment in the near future. Good luck brother and keep it up.

  9. He was laying backwards on the bench, when you bench your arms should be going back as you lift it off your chest. His arms are going forward as the weight comes off the chest

  10. Appreciate video bro I am joining planet finish this week and was looking for a video to start lifting I got my prep food videos now yours is added

  11. I got kicked out wearing a shirt just like that yesterday 😂😂

  12. Robert Decker Jr.

    Elbows need to be tucked close to you're torso while doing any benching movement. Flaring them out like that leads to shoulder issues.

  13. This video is amazing! One question, do I do this all in one day?

  14. Can you tell me what exercises you did for this video. Very good exercise routine you have here I like it I want to try it out someday please right me back

  15. TheGrimReaper_927

    Will this help make my dick grow bigger.

  16. Why do people say negative things about PF. It's about the person I feel. I am in NY for a few months at a time, so I am hitting the gym at night and it's convenient. It's working for me, keeping me in shape, and mentally in a great place. It all comes back to what you bring to the your workouts, and what your goals are 😉

  17. Great video man, salute.

  18. Great video man!! I love PF.

  19. this is good for when i stop being too self conscious and can acctually go workout in that section at the gym.

  20. Dude your gonna be the next fitness sensation.. you already are in my eyes! Can't wait till you make new videos! Btw… you look so HOOOT!

  21. Wat time did u go to work out? It seems like there weren't many people there. .

  22. you look like shit for a know it all……

    I see dudes like you at the gym all the time, thinking they know what's up but peak out at a shitty body level and rep the same starter weights even though they've been at it for months/years. How do you plateau out while still looking like shit.

    morons now days think they know it all from watching youtube videos telling them what to do, but actually never gained anything or experienced any real success themselves to know how to do it. And the advice is usually crap.

    they usually utter shit like focus on "form," no there's no one correct form unless the form results in you hurting yourself……..and unless you're a pro body builder, you got other things to worry about than form for specific, area stimulation.

  23. Benjamin Farrington

    I just got a membership to this place and they said Mondays and tuesdays are pizza and bagel days lmao i think ill pass on it but it looks like a nice place to get started i had no idea what to do there tho so i just did cardio for about an hour. tomorrow i think ill try some of this stuff tho thanks for making this.

  24. Planet fitness doesn't look that bad tbh

  25. hey gg on ur first video

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