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Bacon and Eggs – keto breakfast -keto egg recipes – keto diet – low carb

This is an all-time favorite of my keto egg recipes. Bacon and Eggs is a super easy low carb keto breakfast that can be made under 10 minutes from start to finish and can be had any time when on the Keto DIet. It is one of my favorite go to foods on the Keto diet. Every body loves Bacon Right?

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  1. Danielle Diskin-Geraghty

    I thought Keto requires increase fat. Please explain.

  2. I do 3 sunny side up eggs with garlic salt, actual bacon nitrate free 3 or 4 slices, 1 full avacado sliced up, 2 small oranges, and a banana, with a side of water. In the morning to get yourself pretty awake stretch open as far as you can and inhale as much air then drink a large amount of water to get the body going.

  3. Not keto if its not real bacon the point is to get the fat

  4. Dude! Eat Bacon!

  5. Why get turkey bacon when you want the FAT on keto??? Get the FULL FAT BACON

  6. Processed and reduced fat bacon. Wondering did u truly understand what keto means?

    Just use the original pork bacon will do. Lard is good fats.

  7. Bud do yourself a favor, don't buy packaged bacon its an insult to real bacon eaters. I get mine fresh (well as fresh as), and it gets weighed and wrapped up. Also, pork is much better for keto. If I'm doing keto I'm doing it right, bacon and eggs not turkey and eggs.

  8. lean meat is not really that good for keto. i think it has something to do with a chance to spike insulin. a better choice would be bacon from a pig raised in good conditions as fresh as you can get it. you can remove the fat and cook it in coconut oil for better results if the animal was raised in bad conditions.

  9. 200g for each slice of bacon 🥓

  10. I just had two fried eggs cooked in ghee, but I cooked 6 slices of smoked streaky bacon in the pan first, was awesome. Bit of asparagus too.

  11. Michael Mc crossan

    cook it in butter or coconut oil for more fat

  12. Lol you on a keto diet and you choose 80% less fat bacon? WTH?

  13. We want the fat not lean meat

  14. Kathleen Kennedy Sexist Evil Witch Of Satan

    He is in a keto diet and eats bacon with 80% less fat. I don't understand that.

  15. Are you not supposed to eat a plenty of fat for keto diet?

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