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Back To School: Quick + Easy Breakfast Ideas

Back to School Breakfast Ideas! Today I share with you some healthy breakfast ideas that are quick and easy.

hope you guys enjoyed this!! if you want me to do “cooking with siena” videos give this vid a thumbs up 🙂


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this video is a, back to school, quick and easy, breakfast ideas, video. i am showing you some, healthy, breakfast recipes, that you can make before, high school, or, middle school. these are, healthier alternatives, to regular, back to school breakfast ideas.


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  1. elizabeth flowers

    Eggs aren't healthy, but everything else looks lovely. I enjoyed this video

  2. adding coconut water to smoothies is great! it's more hydrating than normal water and really doesn't taste like anything so you can taste all your fruit 🙂

  3. I love your videos

  4. Thaynara Petronetto

    BRASIL TE AMA!!! ❤❤❤❤

  5. loved the video! definitely gonna help me be a more healthy hoe lmao love u

  6. I feel like everyone that does this videos are vegan and I'm so thankful there's finally one that isn't!!!!

  7. Stephanie Mattern

    You're so gorgeous 💘

  8. how can someone be so perfect/pretty??

  9. You look like ansel elgorts girlfriend !

  10. So trying these out! 😻😻😻😻

  11. "I love everything thick" lmfao me

  12. Such a great HEALTHY video until the egg. Eggs are loaded with cholesterol and fat. Go vegan if you want to be actually healthy

  13. warning avocando is dangerous to feed to ur cat or dog

  14. what do you use to edit

  15. This is definitely going to help me, thanks for making great and helpful videos! <3

  16. These all sounded soooo good 😍 Where do you get the frozen acai? I looked at Trader Joe's but I couldn't find it :'(

  17. Ilysm

  18. oh love, i love youu

  19. Yasss siena back it again with the new vid💕

  20. Does anyone know the song at the end of the video??

  21. "i like everything thick" kinky

  22. So I kind of new to this channel so sorry if this is something that has already been talked about here, but I was just wondering if you have ever thought about going vegan, or what your thoughts are about the vegan lifestyle?

  23. I always find myself going for the smoothies. (:

  24. Macca's Vegetarians

    im so hungry now

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