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Back to School: Kids Breakfast Ideas | Care.com

Want to make your life easier this back to school season? Check out these easy breakfast ideas your kids will love. Find the recipes at:

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  1. Sunflower butter does not taste just like peanut butter. Idk how I feel about this video

  2. ですわたししろ

    Also I got sick after using sunbutter

  3. ですわたししろ

    When she poured the almond milk I swear I thought it was like chicken broth or something

  4. I feel like kids should be making their own breakfast , they will never learn to cook if you make it for them! (No hate great vid)

  5. i know the difrence between spinach and kale and I'm a kid

  6. Nice job!

  7. Anastasija Djordjevic

    Who the heck puts milk and orange juice

  8. cool video🤗

  9. roezzzeyforeva 13

    if i were her kid i would throw these foods away seriously do i look like i wanna drink a green lumpy substance on a morning before skl id throw it back up. i now realize why schools have cafeterias.

  10. Them veggie muffins, I love veg but they don't look appealing and…

  11. Not a good idea for breakfast or for eating

  12. Arjun Shrivastava


  13. cheese is not a healthy food

  14. Use fresh not frozen fruit

  15. Breakfast Recipes


  16. Aiya Rojanahathai

    Thanks for sharing good idea, healthy food, soft voice and good acting.

  17. xxMm,


  18. She looks like Elizabeth the twins mom from the parent trap lol

  19. The food would not look appealing to kids at all

  20. Kris Gauger! ROBLOX videos and more

    you are on TV and that is cool I told Remy my cousin and it was blue I clicked it and it brought me here it's cool


  22. I really loved the veggie muffins💚💛💚💛

  23. Kids these days are very picky with what you pack or serve them for food.
    If it doesn't look appealing or they never tried it before, Don't expect them to rate it 5 stars.

    Also, These are very messy ideas for a mother with children on the run. A banana and Apple would have been fine for in on the go snack for breakfast.

  24. What have you done to the WAFFLES!!!!


  25. Love these healthy breakfast ideas, my kids will love them 🙂

  26. Why would kids like a green smoothie

  27. I saw some comments about her voice, I like her laid back soft tone. Sometimes I'm watching videos and people are screaming at me. I like her because she's not snobby or over acting. She's just giving you ideas and she's out. Great Job!

  28. Who has waffles for breakfast? Waffles are dessert!

  29. I'm so confused: how can something that has no peanuts or nuts in it, taste like peanut butter. That makes no sense?

  30. geez its so healthy

  31. Feed Your Soul TV

    Good Video! Check out my channel for healthy cooking recipes if you get a minute! Cheers

  32. omg how more healthier can she get and sky gomez ur so right ! 

  33. Toobaishaq Munnee

    You are totally MADDDDD

  34. this look good

  35. Sun flower butter tastes nothing like peanut butter. I admit it does tastegood, but don't expect a peanut buttert taste

  36. The lack emotion in her voice is killing me

  37. The egg muffins might be good i dont know. but i dont think my little brother would touch something that simply LOOKED like that…

  38. I forgot I am allergic to spinach and now i am sick

  39. Some schools dont allow peanut butter because some people can die just from getting very tiny bits from the air (some diråe and some get really really sick)

  40. I love how the whole video is like dead faced. Talking about protein then the ending 😀 THANKS FOR WATCHING

  41. where did u get the sunflower butter

  42. Ummm are the eggs supposed to be sizzling?!??

  43. кто понимает что она говарит

  44. why would schools care about sunflower butter (no hate love her videos)

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