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Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Recipe | Lose Weight | Clear Skin | Fight Fatigue | Cait Straight Up

Simple Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Recipe that has many health benefits including promoting weight loss, clearer skin, fighting fatigue and more energy. This three ingredient apple cider vinegar drink includes honey and lemon. This drink can also aid in digestion and fight off disease. While the many health benefits of apple cider vinegar are well known, it is not always easy to drink down due to the strong taste. This recipe can be served warm or cold and makes it much easier to drink.

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For my full Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Recipe visit:

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Stay healthy, lose weight, fight fatigue and get clearer skin with this simple Apple Cider Vinegar Drink Recipe!

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  1. Recca Callelero

    About the honey, it only says flavored syrup, I can't find any "Raw" label 🙁 can I still add it?

  2. The straw was a good tip

  3. She said she just finished doing it for a year? How much weight did she have when she started

  4. Question – what all can you eat while you're drinking this?

  5. Can you use Lime instead of Lemon?

  6. Is it okay if i dont use straw?

  7. Vaishnavi Abhijith

    I am cannot like honey so this is cause any problem

  8. Vaishnavi Abhijith

    Apple cider vinegar directly drink cause any problem

  9. All fake I have not reduced my weight.

  10. What is your weight before you take this and what is now?

  11. Laura Donaldson

    How many ounces of water do you use?

  12. Does this work for real

  13. Scott Paul Young

    Check out- amen bible rap

  14. Whitney Murphy

    Can you make this ahead and pour a glass a day all week?

  15. vietnamemperor123461

    Can you use lime instead of lemon? How many time do you drink it a day?

  16. Beverly Culwell

    I have been drinking the vinegar diet for a month and have lost 12 lbs. My question is. My 11 year old granddaughter wants to do the vinegar and honey diet, would this be safe for her to do?

  17. yeahh I drink every day before breakfast ,thank you 😘

  18. Can you make it a day before?

  19. can it be green lime ?

  20. OMG, how do you drink TWO tablespoons……..I can barely get down one.

  21. Hello! So when do you drink this? Morning? Night time? How many days? How much times a day? Lol. So much questions, but I cant wait to try this!

  22. thank you cait

  23. Nash's Channel

    tqtqtq 😗😗😗

  24. I wanna try it but I just can't stand the awful smell any tips!! 😕

  25. RedBlue Lights

    I wonder… how does it taste? That apple cider vinegar

  26. I add Chia seeds with mine, drink cold. Its pretty good!

  27. yasmin Omar Nur nur


  28. I just take a shot of it every morning. is that bad?

  29. A glass of water? Can u tell amount of water I should use . I am a beginner

  30. Colby Sinclair

    with the mother simply means that it still has the biological culture that turned the apple cier into vinegar this means youre geting more of the good bacteria that helps withyour gut biome, aka the bacteria that live in your stomach and intestines and what not

  31. John Lunyamila

    Is it true the ACV can help in re-growing hair? I'm losing hair, that why I ask.

  32. Food And Health

    I have subscribed to your channel
    invite you to visit my channel

  33. how many times should I drink it per day? and would it still benefit me if my acv is not labeled "with the mother"? and are there any side effects?

  34. do u do workout

  35. Mercedes Mercedes

    could I just do Apple cider and honey that's just the ingredients I have

  36. Do I really need honey or lemon? Can I just drink the apple cider vinegar with water?

  37. yr skin is really like peach need to try thanks

  38. Avinash Barak Wellness

    Watch this video to know the real science behind working of apple cider vinegar

  39. thank you for the recipe! I've got my cup next to me and just sipping away 🙂 it's kinda tangy 😀

  40. Havery you lost any weight?

  41. mermaid kisses

    If you drink it in the morning, does it matter if you eat breakfast or not?

  42. Kylissa Simmons

    Hi Cait, great video and info. I just wanted to know when you drink this, do you drink this after breakfast or before ?

  43. How much weight can u drop off

  44. can we drink this with water and ACV only?will the benefit be different thana adding lemon and honey?

  45. Jessica D1mplezz25

    im a beginner on this, is it ok to mix it wit cranberry juice n 1tlps?

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