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Anti-Wrinkle Homemade Remedies With Aspirin

All of us have heard about aspirin and its widespread use as an anti-headache pill. It is also known to work wonders when it comes to headaches caused by the flu or a cold. But did you also know that it is one of the best-known ingredients in home remedies that help you reduce wrinkles? Shocking, right? Who would have thought that a simple headache-relief tablet could actually moonlight as a wrinkle-lift ingredient and actually do a great job with it!

Before you dismiss this as just another “viral” post, which people are sharing mindlessly without looking for the facts, allow us to prove you wrong. Allow us to bring your attention to the fact that the main ingredient in aspirin tablets is salicylic acid (1). And guess what else salicylic acid is a common ingredient of? Anti-acne facemasks, of course! It is anti-inflammatory, a great cleanser of pores, and an amazing exfoliator as well.

So, the next time your bad skin gives you a headache, get aspirin. It will help with your headache as well as with your bad skin!

Here are a few recipes that you can very easily whip up at home to restore that vibrant skin of your youth, which city life and pollution has taken away from you. After reading this, you’ll understand how simple it is to get back that gorgeous skin that you so miss. You will probably also feel very foolish that you didn’t read up on it and start using it from before. But, hey, let’s not leave any space for regrets, and instead, look ahead and recreate flawless skin for ourselves!

1. With Lemon Juice

1. With Lemon Juice


Lemon juice has a very good astringent quality and the citric acid present in it makes it even more easy for the cleansing of your pores (2). It is an excellent anti-acne agent as well since it cleans up your face so effectively.

All you have to do is crush a couple of aspirin pills and mix the powder that you obtain with lemon juice. It is important that the juice be fresh because otherwise, it reacts with the oxygen, gets oxidized, and loses its astringent property.

Once you have the mixture ready, apply it on your freshly washed face. Remember to use lukewarm water to wash your face. Lukewarm water helps in opening up your pores. Once the pores are open, it is easier to cleanse them and get rid of the impurities that cause whiteheads, blackheads, and, of course, the bane of our existence – acne.

The paste must be homogenous in nature. Apply this paste on your face and let it stay for about 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes are over, once again wash your face with lukewarm water and pat your face dry. You will notice a marked difference in the way your skin feels almost immediately.

2. With Honey And Yoghurt

2. With Honey And Yoghurt


We know that this sounds suspiciously like a dessert recipe, but unfortunately, it isn’t. But, hey, when you get these ingredients for your facemask, you can definitely keep some aside and consume them as dessert! Because both honey and yoghurt are really healthy and make a lovely combination for a light dessert. (Just remember to leave the aspirin out of it!)

Before you get a headache because of our bad jokes, here’s what you must do to make that perfect facemask to get rid of those pesky wrinkles: Like in the previous recipe, you need to crush the aspirin pills for this one as well. But instead of 2 pills, for this one, you need to take 5 pills and crush them into a fine powder. You could use a pestle and mortar or even opt for a spin of that good old mixer-grinder. Remember to use the smallest container.

Once you have crushed the 5 pills, add about half a tablespoon of organic honey and about 1 tablespoon of organic yoghurt. Most stores have organic options these days and in case you don’t find one in the regular stores, you will definitely find them in special health stores around your locality.

This time also, the paste must be homogenous. But don’t wash your face before applying this remedy. And even if you do wash your face, pat it dry completely before applying this paste. Once it has been applied, wait for about 30 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.

3. With Warm Water

 3. With Warm Water


All you need for this recipe is some warm water. You’ll need to crush about 3 aspirin pills and mix the powder in about 3 tablespoons of warm water. Apply this paste on to your face, let it stay for about 3 minutes and then wash it off once again with lukewarm water.

Would you try these home remedies for wrinkles? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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