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Amazing Weight Loss Transformations

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  2. WeightLossMotivation

    no product is as effective as exercise and healthy diet!

  3. Fat Ninja Fitness

    Keep up the good work!

  4. The North Sleeve

    Great results!! Good to see so many people succeeding at their weight loss!

  5. WeightLossMotivation

    You got this! 💪

  6. i like watching videos like this. Seeing other peoples transformations really keeps me motivated. i started my journey to lose weight may 7th at 163 lbs, and im down to 155.2 lbs!! so ready to be comfortable in my own skin and do normal things teenagers do. I want to go swimming, go out to see a movie, wear clothes that i find cute all without feeling self conscious. im getting there! and in time for summer!! 🙂

  7. I’m 15 years old and currently weigh 247lbs. Though I am six foot tall so I distribute my weight. It’s not an issue for me now, it doesn’t stop me from doing things but in the long term I know it will if I keep up my eating habits. I am starting my journey on my summer break. (June 8th) My Short term goal is 190. I am hoping to achieve 150lbs.

    I gained weight because I stress eat. I was bullied in school and now I have picked up the habit. I have been in homeschool for a year now and my JR year I’m going back to my old school. I want to go back looking like a whole new person. Watching these videos let me know that it’s possible. Thank you ❤️

  8. WeightLossMotivation

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  9. Omg thank you but please can you tell me how much time to get results

  10. Thank you! Perfect timing as always! ♥

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