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Aerobic exercise to lose weight fast at home ★ Jung Da yeon Figure Robics ★

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  1. Tina Manchester


  2. Omg my body wet. Thank u

  3. Plsss someone tell me how many calories this burns??? Pls reply!

  4. Daniela Espinoza

    Alguien puede subtitular español

  5. Deceptively easy, it really has you focusing on your balance. It helps with flexibility and coordination. You'll be sweating a lot!

  6. Gasp wheeze


  8. Wowww! My Arms and body are burning!! Thank you for sharing

  9. hola perdon por la ignorancia para k sirve el ejerció ppara acerca pierna o perder peso por favor k me explique plis

  10. how much calories it burns?

  11. I love…this team….they meet me loose weight 4 years ago….and I star again today…..I RECOMENDED 100%

  12. My body is burning like crazy.. Thanks a lot for the video

  13. Love this💕💕. It totally works.💗

  14. Aleeah Muhammad

    This felt so hard, but it burned so good! This workout is HARD!

  15. Has anyone lost weight with this?

  16. What does this workout do exactly?

  17. And I thought I would start with sth easy first….couldn't even last through the video! Like this so much. I'll keep exercising with this until I can go through the entire video without resting.

    Thanks for the vdo. 🙂

  18. راكم رشيقات ماكمش بحاجه للرياضه ملا حنا وش نقولو😂😡

  19. gila kelitanx aja gampang dak kuat ampek ngosngosan


    sore arms love it!

  21. alejandra padilla

    My knees ;w;

  22. i am in love with this lady cant switch to any other

  23. Idola!!!

  24. wow, I like it

  25. This workout is totally deceiving! Looks easy but it burns the entire body

  26. muy buenos

  27. Nicole Evangeline

    I love very much.. so much of sweat

  28. Victoria Jeffery

    Thank you for posting it

  29. very helpful for stiff shoulder/back people like me. it totally enhance my blood circulation in my back .

  30. Very nice

  31. me Morii,,,,,

  32. Thank you… very2 simple n easy…

  33. tacotoria pizza

    Out of all dayepn's work out , this is the WORST , not like my body can't take it , it's because I keep panting and then I am out of breath, ma body don't feel SHIT

  34. CPTGraciela Mireya Cornejo

    Súper bien, de lo mejor!

  35. จักรพันธ์ สงวนเชื้อ


  36. At 15 minutes i already sweating… love it. No jumping like crazy. The pace also tolerable 👍🏻

  37. so nice…thank u

  38. sahara fareea khalifa

    wow i loved this, the only 30 min workout i did all at once and he time acuaally flew, hope im gonna get a Body like seolhyun now lol

  39. Merpati Rantau

    Thanks Jung Da Yeon groupgd luck,,aem from Indonesia ,,

  40. The part with the lunges is so hard omg, my legs are shaking so hard after this. Thanks for uploading!

  41. Huzaifa Tawsif

    So nice. I m very glad to get you. Thanks. thanks a lot…my dear

  42. where is other videos of these exercises

  43. расиля шагиахметова

    Благодарю, классные занятия!

  44. This is so wonderful! Love your workout!! I'm so happy that I have found you.:-)

  45. Sumathi Palanisamy

    Tamil pls

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