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A keto diet for beginners

How do you eat a keto diet? How do you maximize weight loss, increased energy, appetite control, and other potential health benefits? Check out our new keto video course, we hope you’ll like it a lot. More inspiration to get started:

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  1. Personally, I am not completely sold on the keto diet. Some say that its not all that healthy even though it can produce results in terms of weight loss. Thankfully I found a blog reviewing and explaining the pros and cons of many diets including keto – wp.me/pam2Gs-14

  2. Blue lips are a worry, but this diet seems good.

  3. Weird i cant trust this guy. Must be his voice.

  4. Can i add cottage cheese in keto..pls reply

  5. Can i have diet coke

  6. However, many experts say ketosis itself is not necessarily harmful. Some studies, in fact, suggest that a ketogenic diet is safe for significantly overweight or obese people. But the problem is just not that some of the people don't know we are not able to lose weight after reading an article on http://healthfreek.ml/ I got my all answer.

  7. Banana is real food actually

  8. His accent is fucking trash couldn’t even watch the vid jesus

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  12. Keto would have been the original diet for human beings until sugar

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  17. Am watching this while eating a cold pizza 🙁

  18. Before going on a Keto diet try the following first: stop eating junk food. Drop the chips, cookies, pastry, candy bars, fast food, double servings, etc. You know what's bad before you even put it in your mouth. Do this for 30 days. You'll soon discover that you don't need the Keto diet.

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  20. The thing is. I hate eggs. I'll eat meat veggies whatever. Just no eggs pls

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  22. Abdullah Al-qurashi

    So where do I start? I’m a bit confused 🤷‍♂️. I’ve started semi keto/interment fasting diet a week ago and I was floored on the ground by the night time. My energy was so low. As soon as I eat carbs, I felt better.

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    🤩🤩 Nice Video 🤩🤩

  24. The Keto diet seems to work and to be proved for over 200 years until an American Scientist published a researched that says that people should eat more grains… While a big export product of th U.S. is grains… Hmmm… You dont say….

  25. Where is the diet You didn't mention anything about the food to eat for beginners. 👎👎
    Change the title to what is keto..

  26. Loved the voice!

  27. There are many usernames but this one is mine.

    Will I also start to sound like count Dracula while on this diet?

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  29. This guy should be teaching in Oxford

  30. When people say that our ancestors didnt used to wat carbs/ sugar, what about fruit? Is it just refined carb-based glucose? Cheers

  31. Is the keto diet ok for diabetics??

  32. Always the same problem..all doctors tell us :eat protein eat fat eat low carbs but they don’t teach us how? how can i eat butter or heavy cream or coconut oil or…..without putting them on something..thanks anyway

  33. thank you! from South Korea

  34. Wow this just woke me up🧐🤨🤔😁👍🏻


  36. The meat and dairy industry came out with another funky diet! Reduce meat and dairy instead and you’ll be great!

  37. This is a damn advertisement. I'm sick of the way people and even medical professionals are capitalizing on people's needs.

  38. is it ok to follow keto diet for people having ulcer?

  39. well done explained 👍

  40. what about beans?
    are they suitable for the keto diet?

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  45. Gets to the point @2:00

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