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7 Morning Habits We Should Say Goodbye To Once And For All

It is extremely difficult to let go of some habits. And I’m not referring to just good ol’ smoking here! Do you tend to drink a cup of coffee every morning before you leave your house or perhaps, you end up wasting a good five minutes thinking about what you will wear today? Relying on these old habits are counterproductive, especially as you race against time to leave your house for school or work. So, let us look at 7 morning habits that most of us tend to do that may actually be doing more harm than good!

1. Skipping A Shower In The Morning

Sometimes, we tend to miss the morning alarm and need to think of morning activities that we need to exclude from the routine in order to get out of the house on time. Admittedly, quite frequently, this means that we need to skip taking a shower. However, it is absolutely crucial that you never miss your morning shower since it helps you maintain hygiene as well as keeps your mind fresh and active.

2. Taking A Hot Shower

Taking A Hot Shower


Although there are only a few other things that feel better than hot water running down your bare skin on a cold morning, taking a hot shower is actually bad for you. The relaxing feeling you get when taking a hot shower actually makes you want to go back to your bed. Furthermore, taking a hot shower leaves your pores open, which means that you are more likely to get pimples due to all the germs and dirt that get into your skin’s pores.

3. Checking Your Phone Too Long

It goes without saying that mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. In this day and age of technology and social media, it is very easy to lose track of time in the morning when we scroll through other people’s news and notifications. However, make sure you spend as little time as possible on your phone and focus more on getting things done for yourself, such as eating a breakfast or taking a bath!

4. Choosing Your Outfit

Choosing Your Outfit


One of the worst ways you can waste time in the morning is deciding what to wear. In the morning rush, not only do you waste essential minutes choosing what to wear, but you also often don’t make the right choice since your mind is unable to focus in the heat of things.

Ergo, it is best if you decide what to wear the night prior so that you have enough time to iron the clothes and make sure there aren’t any flaws in them, such as holes or missing buttons! If you are too tired in the night when you come back from work, then you can take some time off on the weekend to organize your wardrobe. Make sure you keep all your work outfits together. This makes it easy to choose the outfit you’d like to wear to work in the morning.

5. Eating A Bowl Of Cereal

Cereal is extremely convenient to prepare in the morning rush, making it the number one breakfast option for many of us. However, in terms of your diet, it is a very poor choice (1), (2). One serving of your regular cereal contains almost 4 tablespoons of sugar. Furthermore, adding milk, yoghurt or any other dairy to cereal makes it an even more unhealthy breakfast. Therefore, it is better if you stick to fruits in the morning. Or, if you have more time, make yourself some eggs and bacon!

6. Brushing Your Teeth Right After A Meal

Brushing Your Teeth Right After A Meal


Many people choose to brush their teeth after they eat their breakfast. Although this is the correct thing to do, due to the lack of time in the morning, we tend to brush our teeth immediately after our meal. However, when we’ve just finished eating, the enamel of our teeth is extremely sensitive due to the acids present in juices, fruits, and other foods. Ergo, brushing our teeth right after a meal can damage our enamel. Which is why you should just rinse your mouth after a meal. Try waiting for at least 30 minutes after a meal before brushing your teeth.

7. Drinking Black Coffee

Drinking black coffee right after you wake up can cause the levels of cortisol in your body to shoot up (3). Cortisol raises your anxiety levels. Furthermore, if you don’t consume any food in the morning except for drinking a cup of black coffee, you are prone to develop gastritis. Therefore, it is better if you add milk to your coffee.

Getting rid of these morning habits is definitely going to help you stay healthy, maintain hygiene as well as save precious minutes in the morning that you can trade in for another snooze of the morning alarm!

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