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7 Minute Workout, a daily training to lose weight fast burn fat and tone your full body

Get fit quickly and burn fat fast with a new fitness challenge!
Have you ever thought it possible to work out your entire body in just 7 minutes, burn maximum calories and achieve your desired results? The science behind “7 Minute” not only says it’s possible, but that it’s one of the best ways you can work out ever!
Are you ready to burn maximum calories in minimal time? All it takes is 7 Minutes!

Train with this workout where and when you want. Download now for free P4P 7 Minute Workout!

📲 FREE 7 MIN WORKOUT iOS APP https://goo.gl/Mq2jy3
📲 FREE 7 MIN WORKOUT ANDROID APP https://goo.gl/9GD7i7

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  1. My knee acl surgery now complte 9 month give some exercice

  2. Best exercise

  3. Great training Thanks p4p

  4. Thank you P4P for uploading workouts like this one. Do you know how much calories we lose doing this 7 min workout?
    Keep motivate us to workout 😉 Best wishes

  5. Хорошая работа

  6. hazvineyi Dhlakama

    Works great

  7. Justin Shiva Goud

    All this doing means… I will get full body ..?

  8. Giorgi Baratashvili

    guys how much calories does it burn per 1 workout pls tell me i need to know

  9. Glad I watched this 🙂

  10. what is thar #105 #25 #112

  11. How many calories do I burn with this workout?

  12. i really get good answer

  13. The Protocol Gaming

    Second day today, 🙂

  14. Great workout

  15. this really works I'm tired!

  16. Great workout. Makes you Feeling well

  17. hello i started this workout for 3 weeks but i don't know how many weeks should i do? can you help me?

  18. Can uh plz update video for biceps triceps n for back

  19. i will give it a try everyday, will post feedback after 3 month, wish me luck.

  20. Marcos Carrasquilla


  21. this helps so much toreduce my weight it really works but on the regular basis

  22. I'm dying

  23. Felt great. Thanks

  24. it's definetly the workout i was looking for.. from now on this will be my every day routine… thanks… hope i'll see results in the next 2-3 weeks

  25. nurshahidah budinshah

    Can we gain abs eventually from doing this exercise daily ?

  26. Hay it a good app I nice app I am gonna download it is sub and like the video and turn on the bell

  27. Started today

  28. Starting this today 13/08/2017 will do it once a day for 30 days let's see if something changes ( 71.1 KG 175cm)

  29. I was curious because my mate had lost weight and I wished to know how. Many people suggested that I google “sowo hope site”. As soon as I listened to their tips, I lost 13 and a half pounds.

  30. IMA start today and do this for a month. Be back by August 27 with results

  31. Kayleigh Chevalier

    Just look for Unflexal workouts. There is all you need about workouts 🙂

  32. Eng. Abdirazak Mohamed

    you said it is 7 minutes but actually is almost 9 minutes i hate long exercises

  33. geen verbinding afspeel id

  34. How much kalories does it burn? Thx

  35. Is it for men or women?loks like more for men….

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